Caspi Lecture honors innovative thinkers

Robert S. Langer’s talk covered the development of tissue engineering

By Mark Shelton

UMass Medical School Communications

May 22, 2012

Robert S. Langer, ScD, the David H. Koch Institute Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, gave the Eliahu Caspi Lecture in Chemical Biology on Monday, May 21. Dr. Langer was introduced by Daniel Caspi, PhD, son of the late Worcester Foundation for Biomedical Research scientist for which the lecture is named. The Caspi family established the lecture in memory of Eliahu Caspi, a renowned expert in the field of endocrine biology.

Pictured, from left: Daniel Caspi, Dr. Langer, Barbara Caspi, and Craig Mello, PhD, Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator, the Blais University Chair in Molecular Medicine, professor of molecular medicine and cell biology and a 2006 Nobel Laureate for his work with Andrew Fire, PhD, in the discovery of RNA interference.