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  • 05 - 19 - 15

    Gene Therapy Manufacturing Comes to Fall River

    Mark S. Klempner, MD, executive vice chancellor, discusses the history of MassBiologics, its new emphasis on gene therapies and the opening of MassBiologics SouthCoast, a biomedical manufacturing facility in Fall River.

  • 05 - 19 - 15

    Is Medicaid the Answer to Crushing Health Care Costs for Inmates?

    Warren J Ferguson, MD, professor of family medicine & community health, is quoted in an article about the increasing number of prisoners who are being enrolled in government-funded Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act.
    U.S. News

  • 05 - 19 - 15

    I-Team: Teen Dies After One Hit Of Designer Drug NBOMe

    Lynn Alexander Farrugia, MD, instructor in emergency medicine, talks to WBZ about the synthetic drug NBOMe, which is being marketed to teens as legal LSD.
    WBZ 4 Boston

  • 05 - 19 - 15

    UMass researcher named Hughes Institute investigator

    A pioneer in the study of the three-dimensional structure of the genome, Job Dekker, PhD, professor of biochemistry & molecular pharmacology and co-director of the Program in Systems Biology, was named a Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigator.
    Worcester Telegram & Gazette
    Worcester Business Journal
    Howard Hughes Medical Institute

  • 05 - 19 - 15

    Wandering and wondering: Simplicity is the Key

    A column by John Mayburry references a study by Yunsheng Ma, MD, PhD, associate professor of medicine, and Sherry Pagoto, PhD, associate professor of medicine, which found that a simple diet focused on increasing fiber consumption may be as effective as the multi-component American Heart Association diet.
    San Jose Mercury News

  • 05 - 18 - 15

    Kimberly Haddad - Chief of staff, Commonwealth Medicine

    Kimberly A. Haddad, MPH, chief of staff of UMass Medical School’s Commonwealth Medicine division, has been named one of  '10 to Watch' in 2015 by MetroWest495 Biz.
    Worcester Business Journal

  • 05 - 18 - 15

    Prostate Cancer Testing Drops Off After Controversial Guidelines

    Jennifer K. Yates, MD, assistant professor of urology is quoted in an article about prostate cancer screening.
    Clinical Advisor
    U.S. News
    Newsmax Health

  • 05 - 17 - 15

    How to Make the Most of Your Health and Fitness Apps

    An article about fitness apps references work by Sherry Pagoto, PhD, associate professor of medicine. 
    Tech Cheat Sheet

  • 05 - 16 - 15

    Cover Story: Are e-records healthy for medical practices?

    Dennis M. Dimitri, MD, clinical professor of family medicine & community health and President of the Massachusetts Medical Society, is quoted in an article about electronic health records.
    Worcester Telegram & Gazette

  • 05 - 16 - 15

    Economic Driver: Bionic pancreas augurs a smoother path for Type I diabetes help

    David Harlan, MD, the William and Doris Krupp Professor in Medicine, professor of medicine and co-director of the Diabetes Center of Excellence, explains how a bionic pancreas may soon replace the need for insulin injection by way of a needle or pump for patients with Type 1 diabetes. Also quoted in the story is Margaret J. Koziel, MD, assistant vice provost for clinical and translational research. 
    Worcester Telegram & Gazette

  • 05 - 14 - 15

    Debating Compassionate Access To Experimental Drugs For The Terminally Ill

    Darshak M. Sanghavi, MD, associate professor of pediatrics, appeared on Radio Boston to talk about patient access to experimental drugs.
    WBUR Radio Boston

  • 05 - 14 - 15

    Remembering those who gave a gift, after they died

    First year medical students Corinne Ainsworth, SOM ’18, Yevin Roh, SOM ‘18 aand their classmates express gratitude to the families of the Anatomical Gift Program donors at a May 9 memorial service at UMass Medical School.

  • 05 - 12 - 15

    Worcester college students honored as part of '29 Who Shine'

    Medical student Shu Yang, SOM ’15, was honored at the State House as one of the Commonwealth’s “29 Who Shine.”  The Massachusetts Department of Higher Education launched “29 Who Shine” in 2011 to recognize outstanding students from each school in the Commonwealth’s public higher education system.
    Worcester Telegram & Gazette

  • 05 - 11 - 15

    New model aims to curb health costs with personal care

    An article about the implementation by some insurance companies of a managed care approach to paying for health care costs includes quotes from Thomas J. Scornavacca Jr., DO, instructor of family medicine & community health, and Konstantinos E. Deligiannidis, MD, PhD, assistant professor of family medicine & community health.
    Boston Globe

  • 05 - 11 - 15

    New research implicates immune system in Rett syndrome

    New research by Vladimir Litvak, PhD, assistant professor of microbiology & physiological systems, suggests the immune system plays an unsuspected and surprising role in the progression of Rett syndrome, a severe neurological disorder affecting children. The finding points to the immune system as a promising target for slowing the progression of Rett syndrome.
    Medical Xpress
    News Medical

  • 05 - 09 - 15

    New Gene Editing Tools Renew Debate Over Germline Alteration

    An editorial by Terence R. Flotte, MD, the Celia and Isaac Haidak Professor of Medical Education, executive deputy chancellor, provost and dean of the School of Medicine, highlights the ethical, safety, and efficacy issues associated with the current generation of CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing technology.
    Science 2.0

  • 05 - 08 - 15

    Blood Thinner Warfarin May Pose Greater Bleeding Risk for Obese: Study

    A new study that includes, Adedotun Ogunsua, MD, MPH, internal medicine resident, found that about 8 percent of people taking warfarin experienced stomach bleeding.
    Endocrinology Advisor
    Health Day

  • 05 - 07 - 15

    A Lifeline for Pregnant Women and New Moms: MA ACOG Urges Legislators to Support Important Program

    An op-ed piece by Tiffany A. Moore Simas, MD, MPH, MEd, associate professor of obstetrics & gynecology and pediatrics and director of the division of research in the department of obstetrics & gynecology, calls upon the Massachusetts Legislature to support the MCPAP for Moms program. 
    Worcester Telegram & Gazette
    Huffington Post

  • 05 - 07 - 15

    As They See It: College and University Presidents View Worcester From All Angles

    An article examining the relationship between the City of Worcester and local colleges and universities features comments from Chancellor Michael F. Collins, MD, about the contributions the medical school brings to the city and what the future holds for the institution. Included in the article is a brief biography of the Chancellor.
    Worcester Magazine

  • 05 - 07 - 15

    Postpartum depression calls for statewide care effort

    An op-ed piece by Nancy Byatt, DO, MBA, assistant professor of psychiatry and obstetrics & gynecology, calls upon the Legislature to support the MCPAP for Moms program. 
    Boston Globe

  • 05 - 04 - 15

    Children's Advocacy Center is comfortable space for difficult conversations

    Heather Campbell Forkey, MD, associate professor of pediatrics, is quoted in an article about the Children’s Advocacy Center which was recently accredited by the National Children’s Alliance. 
    Worcester Telegram & Gazette

  • 05 - 02 - 15

    Worcester’s Dimitri M.D., Named President of MA Medical Society

    Dennis M. Dimitri, MD, clinical professor of family medicine & community health, was named President of the Massachusetts Medical Society.
    Worcester Telegram & Gazette
    GoLocal Worcester

  • 05 - 01 - 15

    Erskine Awards going to women leaders

    Linda F. Weinreb, MD, professor of family medicine & community health, will receive the YWCA's Katharine F. Erskine Award during the annual Tribute to Women luncheon at 11:45 a.m. Tuesday at Mechanics Hall.
    Worcester Telegram & Gazette

  • 05 - 01 - 15

    Guest Opinion: Autism — A long way to go

    Amy Weinstock, director of the Autism Insurance Resource Center, co-wrote an op-ed piece about the progress made in providing access and services to people with autism and the unmet needs that remain. 
    The Herald News

  • 05 - 01 - 15

    Special Vest Shocks Life Back Into Rutland Man

    Lawrence S. Rosenthal, MD, PhD, professor of medicine, is quoted in an article about a patient who was saved from cardiac arrest by a wearable defibrillator vest.
    WBZ-TV Boston

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