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UMMS Sidekicks program a model for NYU

The UMMS Sidekicks program fosters long term relationships for medical students that teach valuable lessons in the personal side of medicine—and is the model NYU will follow.

New York Times reports on UMMS-led joint replacement study

The New York Times quotes Patricia Franklin and David Ayers on newly reported data from a national study they are leading that correlates obesity with the surge in knee replacements in younger patients.

Boyer on CNN: Naloxone not the answer to drug epidemic

Communities across the country are debating whether Naloxone—a drug that can counter the effects of an overdose—should be widely available to non-medical first responders, but UMMS toxicology expert Edward Boyer, MD, PhD, warned CNN’s Sanjay Gupta of the downside of doing so.

Thomas Grisso explains ‘danger zone’ in teen brain on WBUR

UMMS expert Thomas Grisso, PhD, explained how the brain develops for a WBUR report examining the Massachusetts law requiring anyone age 14 and above charged with murder to be tried in an adult court.

Boston Globe Magazine profiles nine UMMS medical students

The Oct. 13 Boston Globe Magazine features a photo essay on nine fourth-year medical students from UMass Medical School. The story, released online ahead of print, highlights the School of Medicine’s focus on primary care education.

Celebrating faculty, students and scholarship at UMass Medical School

A brief video captures the optimism and joy that prevailed during Convocation Week 2013 at UMass Medical School.

Nicotine addiction expert urges regulation, not prohibition, of e-cigarettes

Joseph DiFranza, MD, a nationally recognized expert on nicotine addiction whose research two decades ago led directly to the demise of the Joe Camel brand icon, speaks in favor of electronic cigarettes in this Expert’s Corner video.

UMMS toxicologist explains dangers of ‘Molly’ club drug

In this Expert’s Corner video, UMMS toxicologist Richard J. Church, MD, explains why the resurgence of the club drug “Molly.” a form of Ecstasy, is leading to a spike in overdoses.

Pediatrician: Flu shot season has arrived

In this Expert’s Corner video, UMMS pediatrician Angela Beeler says flu shots are already widely available this year and explains why parents should not wait to get their their children vaccinated.

WCVB-TV spotlights new UMMS study on post-partum depression

WCVB-TV interviewed post-partum depression study participant Nicole Caligiuri and UMMS psychiatrist Kristina Deligiannidis about post-partum depression, and Caligiuri’s participation in Dr. Deligiannidis’ clinical study trying to identify the neurochemical sources of the disorder.

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