Neuropsychology Fellowship

The UMass Memorial Medical Center postdoctoral fellowship in neuropsychology is a two-year program focused on building skills for competent practice as a clinical neuropsychologist. Fellows are recruited yearly for a two-year position with two fellows present in junior and senior positions. There is an emphasis on clinical training, although academic and some research training opportunities are also available. 

After an initial orientation period, the fellow progresses to five clinic slots per week engaged in outpatient neuropsychological assessment. A unique component of this fellowship is the opportunity to gain experience with both adult and pediatric cases. The initial focus is on adult assessment (three to four slots), though experience in child assessment (ages six and older) also begins immediately (one to two slots). The balance of adult/child assessment experiences is negotiable over the course of the two-year program, though some level of experience with each continues throughout.

Patient populations 

Our patient population is broad given our location in a general medical setting with a Level One Trauma Center (adult and pediatric). Common referral diagnoses include: 
Brain neoplasms 
Cerebrovascular disease 
Genetic syndromes 
Learning disorders 
Multiple sclerosis 
Pervasive development disorders 
Psychiatric illness 
Traumatic brain injury 

The fellow is formally supervised by our two staff neuropsychologists, Brian Dessureau, PhD, for adult and pediatric cases, and Joan Swearer, PhD, ABPP/CN, for adult cases. The fellow meets weekly with each supervisor to discuss ongoing cases and clinical issues, as well as on an as-needed basis. The amount of supervision meets and typically exceeds American Psychological Association and state licensure requirements.

UMass Memorial Neuropsychology Center , UMass Memorial Sleep Disorders Center