Neurobiology Faculty

Mark Alkema

Mark Alkema, Ph.D.
 Associate Professor

C. elegans behavioral genetics




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Christelle Anaclet, Ph.D. Assistant Professor

Neuronal circuitry regulating the sleep-wake cycle


Claire Benard

Claire Bénard, Ph.D.
 Assistant Professor

Maintenance of nervous system architecture


Vivian Budnik

Vivian Budnik, Ph.D., Chair, Professor

Molecular mechanisms of synapse development and plasticity



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Alexandra Byrne, Ph.D.  Assistant Professor

Mechanisms of axon regeneration and degeneration in the aging nervous system



Patrick Emery

Patrick Emery, Ph.D. Vice Chair, Professor

Circadian rhythms and photoreception in Drosophila


Michael Francis

Michael Francis, Ph.D. (Francis Lab) 

Associate Professor

Activity-dependent regulation of circuit connectivity and behavior


Marc Freeman

Marc Freeman, Ph.D. 

(Freeman Lab) Professor

Molecular basis of neuron-glia signaling


Hong ShengLi

Hong-Sheng Li, Ph.D. Associate Professor

Neuronal regulation of membrane receptor signaling


Dorothy Schafer

Dorothy Schafer, Ph.D. Assistant Professor

Neuron-Glia interactions regulating synaptic circuit development and plasticity


David Weaver

David Weaver, Ph.D. Professor

Molecular physiology of circadian rhythms


Yang Xiang

Yang Xiang, Ph.D. Assistant Professor

Mechanism of sensory processing and behavior


 Associated Faculty

Steve Treistman

Steve Treistman, Ph.D. Professor


James Ashley

James Ashley, Ph.D. Assistant Professor


Lee Fradkin

Lee Fradkin, Ph.D. Adjunct Associate Professor


Hemant Khanna, Ph.D. Assistant Professor




Claudio Punzo, Ph.D.  Assistant Professor



 Steve Reppert

Steven Reppert, M.D. (Reppert Lab)                        Distinguished Professor Emeritus 

Molecular neuroethology


Wilm Tobias Stork

Wilm Tobias Stork, Ph.D. Instructor

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