2011 NESCC Junior Investigator Symposium

September 23, 2011

Dear NESCC members,

It is with regret that we are announcing the cancellation of the NESCC Junior Investigator Symposium scheduled for Friday September 23rd. Despite efforts in the past few weeks to “spread the word”, we have been unable to achieve the minimum levels of registrations and abstract submissions necessary to produce a symposium that we feel would be highly enjoyable and worthwhile to the attendees.

To those that have helped in organizing this event or have already registered, we offer our sincere thanks and apologies for this inconvenience. Registrants will be contacted shortly to facilitate reimbursement of your registration fee.

In the coming months, NESCC representatives from member institutions will be contacted and we hope to set up a planning meeting to coordinate the return of the NESCC symposium sometime in 2012. Others interested in assisting in this endeavor or with questions about this year’s symposium should feel free to contact us at NESCC@umassmed.edu.

Thank you all again for supporting the New England Stem Cell Consortium.

With warmest regards,

The 2011 NESCC Symposium Committee


Past Events:

2010 NESCC Junior Investigator Symposium

October 8, 2010, Grand Maple Ballroom, Davis Center, University of Vermont, Burlington, VT.

Keynote Address: Gustavo Mostoslavsky, MD, PhD, Boston University School of Medicine,  "iPS Cells and the Future of Regenerative Medicine"

2009 NESCC Junior Investigator Symposium

October 30, 2009, Hoagland Pincus Conference Center at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, Shrewsbury MA.

Keynote Address:  Junying Yu, Ph.D., Senior Research Fellow, Cellular Dynamics International, Madison, WI.