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The past few years have witnessed unparalleled growth in stem cell research. Stem cell research is a broad-based, rapidly evolving field ranging from studies of adult and embryonic stem cells to reprogrammed cells. Stem cells have enormous potential for the study of development and disease as well as clinical applications ranging from drug discovery to cell replacement therapies.

The New England Stem Cell Consortium is devoted to promote and support stem cell research in the northeast. The consortium was founded in January of 2009 with the goal of fostering information exchange between individual research laboratories (including principal investigators, postdocs and graduate students) as well as stem cell centers, universities and companies in the region via meetings and symposia. The consortium is also committed to the promotion of stem cell research in the community through outreach and education.

Membership in the New England Stem Cell Consortium is open to any researcher, laboratory or institution working in the field of stem cell biology in the northeastern United States.


Contact NESCC

The New England Stem Cell Consortium can be reached at:  NESCC@umassmed.edu