Computerized Database


The Neonatal/Maternal Transport And Regional Database

The NICU computerized (IBM) data (tertiary center) was recently revised and upgraded in Microsoft Access (over 80 fields of data) for all neonatal and maternal transports and in-born NICU admissions. Regional data is also maintained for each community hospital for its obstetrical and neonatal data. Annual statistics are provided to each community hospital and related to other hospitals in the region.

This data includes live births, stillborns, multiple gestations, types of delivery, monitoring, anesthesia, maternal diagnoses and general demographics, Apgars, neonatal deaths, and calculated NMR and PMR for each hospital and for the region. Fellows are involved in the process of data compilation and analysis with Dr. S. Weisberger as supervisor during the third year. This data is available for retrospective and epidemiological studies by staff or fellows. The computer capabilities are an IBM PC with a Hewlett-Packard Laser Jet printer. This database also provides a computerized discharge summary for the referring obstetrician or pediatrician.

This database is used for the following:

  1. to supply data to the perinatologist and neonatologist for selecting cases for the monthly perinatal case conferences (Outreach, Perinatal Mortality, Perinatal Morbidity, etc.)
  2. to provide information to attendings, fellows, or residents in Neonatology or Perinatology in regard to
    1. retrotransfers
    2. quality assurance
    3. cases for board certification
    4. surgery cases
    5. any study protocols
  3. to develop yearly outreach perinatal regional statistics.

This data, after analysis, is presented to attendings, fellows, and residents at OB Grand Rounds, Neonatal Research Meeting, and Perinatal Outreach yearly.

UMass Memorial Health Care is in a 4 year, $20 million redesign of the computer system with a central data repository that is accessible to the entire integrated delivery system. It is an IBM based in the Microsoft Office, Med Line, and E-mail software 

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