Third Year

NICU Clinical
2 months

Same as second year except one month will be as Acting Attending with full responsibility of care and management. Neonatology Attendings serve as back-up. Writes daily attending notes.

1 month
Role: Observe Laboratory
Supervisors: Dr. Catherine Nowak (genetics)/Dr. Zwerdling (pulmonology),
Lawrence Owens, RT

Attends genetics clinics, observes lab techniques, observes counseling, reads about basic genetics (1 week). Attends pulmonary clinics (UMass Memorial Health Care - UMass Campus - 1 week) for BPD NICU graduates and works with pulmonary function tech doing PFT tests. Works one week with the Chief of Neonatal Respiratory Therapy (Lawrence Owens, RT) to learn equipment function and setup, physiology of monitoring techniques, review of blood gases. One week is spent observing pulmonary maturity testing, EEG evaluation, cranial U/S testing and interpretation, BAER testing and interpretation.

Elective (2-4 wks)

At Boston Children's or Mass General Hospital.

Research/ Administration/ Developmental
Follow-up 8 months

Completes research project and data collection, analyzes data, completes abstract and prepares publication. Makes research presentation and attends research and multidisciplinary meetings and journal club. Present at regional or national meetings. Attend lectures on lab techniques. Administratively, attends business seminar, prepares handouts, schedule lecture and speakers, and participates in outreach program. Helps prepare outreach/regional data and analyzes neonatal issues and outcome.

Vacation: 1 month

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