Taqman and Q-PCR Reagents are available through the MBCL

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TaqMan ASSAYS !!! ( note they are now shipped at ambient temperature, ref )
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You may place orders for any ABI or Ambion product through the core lab by completing this form and emailing it to us at MBCL@umassmed.edu

Download an order form ( form)

Or by sending an email with the following information:
Your Name
Your Lab or PI
The Speed Type (campus charge account number)
The item(s) you want to order: catalog number, quantity, brief description
Your choice of PICK-UP (free) or DELIVERY LOCATION* ($1 on main campus)

Our EMAIL is MBCL@umassmed.edu Pricing is discounted (below retail) and there are no shipping fees from Life Technologies (A BIG $avings!). On-Campus Delivery is $1, or you may choose to pick up at the MBCL in 2 Biotech which is free (you will be notified by email when your item arrives).

If you have any questions or suggestions for items to be stocked on site, please email us at the address above,


~ MBCL Staff (04/2013)


* At this time we can only deliver to the main campus and Maple Ave in Shrewsbury, our apologies to the Brudnick