Primary Care Leadership Pathway

The Primary Care Leadership Pathway (PCLP) is a pathway embedded within the categorical residency that aims to develop primary care physicians and leaders in internal medicine.  Residents can opt to participate in this longitudinal curriculum, which will offer the opportunity for unique elective experiences geared at developing ambulatory clinical skills and leadership skills.  This is complimented by a mentoring relationship with an established primary care faculty member to help with career guidance.  Quarterly meetings focusing on non-clinical skills such as practice management and evidence-based medicine are also provided in this pathway.  Our long-term vision is to develop a community of residents passionate about primary care within the overall categorical program; through their specialized training and camaraderie, we seek to create the next generation of physician-leaders in primary care.

Pathway Components
In addition to the schedule and curriculum of the categorical residency, the pathway offers the following:

Quarterly Meetings: Provides an opportunity to discuss topics of interest, including leadership skills, career development, practice management; it also serves as an opportunity to socalize and develop a sense of community with your fellow residents and faculty.  

Mentorship: One-on-one pairings with faculty mentors who will serve as a resource for you and provide guidance throughout your residency.

Unique Ambulatory Electives: Residents will have the opportunity to participate in customized ambulatory electives, such as:

- Musculoskeletal Health (Weight Center, Lipid Clinic, Diabetes Center, etc.)
- Metabolic Health (Weight Center, Lipid Clinic, Diabetes Center, etc)
- Urgent Care (Benedict Urgent Care, Wound Clinic, Fracture Clinic, etc.)

Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need to appy for this pathway?
No - any resident that is interested can participate in any and all of the
pathway components.
Do I need to be interested in primary care in order to participate?
All residents are welcome to participate regardless of your future career plans.

For further information, please contact:

Allen Chang, MD

Allen Chang, M.D.
Director, Primary Care Leadership Pathway
Assistant Professor of Medicine
University of Massachusetts Medical School