Research Activities in Divisions of Medicine

Divisions within the Department of Medicine participate in numerous research activities. Our award winning research facilities located in central Massachusetts draw researchers, fellows and colleagues from around the globe.

To learn more about division specific research activities, please visit the division research web pages listed below.


Projects (short list)

Cardiovascular Medicine 

prevention and behavior; adherence; epidemiology; thrombosis; interventional technique; atherosclerosis; cardiac arrhythmias; gene therapy; nuclear cardiology


Role of beta thymosin in the treatment of dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa; Mechanism of papillomavirus mediated cell transformation and development of cancer; cellular factors necessary for E2 activities; Itch & cutaneous sensory disorders

Diabetes diabetes
Endocrinology thyroid cancer; gene silencing as therapy for medical disorders and atherosclerosis; Huntington’s disease; pathogenesis of autoimmune diabetes;  neuronal myelination
Gastroenterology liver studies; tumors of digestive organs; acid/peptic disorders; edoscopic research; developmental biology of the GI tract
General Internal Medicine HIV vaccine clinical trials; smallpox vaccine; plague vaccine; depression screening; flu vaccine; quality of geriatric care
Geriatric Medicine patient medication safety; hypertension; heart disease; cancer; bone and joint disease
Hematology / Oncologytranscriptional Regulation In Myelopoiesis, pancreatic cancer
Infectious Diseases and Immunology 

HIV treatment; viral immunology; DNA vaccines; antibacterial host defenses; intracellular signaling; antiviral effects of nitric oxide; cellular growth regulation; innate immune recognition and signaling

Preventive & Behavioral Medicine investigating the etiology of disease; developing strategies to modify behaviors for the promotion of health and prevention of disease and adaptation to disease and disability; training of physicians and other healthcare providers in the use of effective interventions for health behavior change; understanding mind/body interactions in disease and self-healing; investigating optimal organizational strategies to improve delivery of healthcare services; conducting methodological studies; integrating research findings into health policy
Pulmonary Medicine signal transduction in airway smooth muscle; host defense against tuberculosis; and the genetics underlying airway inflammation in asthma
Renal Medicine 

transplantation immunobiology; hypertension; effects of NSAIDs on renal function; efficacy of dialysis; determinants of mental depression in dialysis patients; medical informatics; diabetic nephropathy  

Rheumatology apoptosis in human T lymphocytes; suppression of human monocyte interleukin-1ß production by ajulemic acid; inflammatory arthritis; rheumatoid arthritis; bone destruction; gout epidemiology; nonpsychoactive cannabinoid acids on immune/inflammatory reactions

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Gyongyi Szabo, MD PhD
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