The Massachusetts Mental Health Diversion & Integration Program 

Helping Law enforcment, health care, and social service communities work together to develop a seamless continuum of care for persons with serious mental illness who are charged with non-serious crimes. 

Our Mission

Advocate For Diversion 

The Massachuetts Mental Health Diversion & Integration Program (MMHDIP) advocates for the diversion of mentally ill persons who are charged with non-serious crimes away from the criminal justce system and into more appropriate treatment alternatives, by helping to create a supportive network of health care around the individual needs of this fragile population. 

Identify Rescources 

The MMHDIP is a service of the Law and Psychiatry Program at the University of Massachustts Medical School. The purpose of the MMHDIP is to work with local law enforcement, the courts, and health care and social service providers who are interested in creating a diversion program in their community. The MMHDIP will work with these groups to establish a partnership to help indentify resources available in their community as well as service "gaps", which may present barriers to true diversion services integration. 

Find Funding 

The MMHDIP will also work with these consortiums to help identify and apply for local area funding to help develop and sustain services to fill the service gaps and overcome such barriers to creating and maintaining a diversion program.