Employees Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How many sick and vacation hours do I earn each year?

Sick time is accrued at 4.61 hours per pay period for a full time employee. Vacation accrual rate is based on your months of benefited service, union status, FTE and exempt / non-exempt status. Please review the Sick Time and Vacation Time policies found on the Human Resources Intranet site for more details. 

2. I am leaving UMass Medical School employment. What do I need to do? How do I find out about withdrawing or rolling over my state retirement funds?

Please go to the Life Events section of the Benefits website and review the information found under Leaving the University. This guide addresses termination of all benefits and responsibilities of the employee when leaving UMMS employment. It will also link you to the form that needs to be completed to withdraw or rollover state retirement funds. If you are an international employee, you should also contact Immigration Services at immigrationservices@umassmed.edufor issues related to your visa. You may also contact your HR Consultant if you wish to have an exit interview.

3. Where can I find forms?                                                                

Most forms can be found on the HR Website under Forms Online. Benefit enrollment forms (health, dental, vision etc.) can be found on the Benefits website. For Leave of Absence forms please contact the Benefits Office at 508-856-2036.

4. Who do I contact with a paycheck problem?                                                                                                          

For any questions regarding your paycheck contact the Payroll department by sending an email to PayrollUMMS@umassmed.edu.

5. How do I apply for a job at UMass Medical School?                      

Please go to the HR Website and click on Jobs@UMMS on the left side task bar under the Employment heading. This screen will explain how to see available positions and how to apply. Once you have applied, you will receive an email verifying receipt of your application. 

6. Who has my job description/pay grade?                                                                                                  

Please contact your department manager for this information.

7. Where can I find the PA form?

The PA (Personal Action) form can be found on the HR Website under Forms Online. Once complete, the original form with signatures is sent to PAC (Personal Action Control) at 333 South Street, Shrewsbury, MA. For help completing the form please send an email to the HR Data Group at HR-DataGroup@umassmed.edu.


8. When will I see my raise/promotion?                         

You should speak to your supervisor if you have any questions regarding your salary increase and/or the promotion process. 

9. How can I receive a copy of my personnel file?

Send a request via email to the HR Data Groupat HR-DataGroup@umassmed.eduto request a copy of your personnel file. 

10. How can I get a verification of insurance coverage letter?

To request a verification of insurance coverage letter please send an email to the Benefits Office at Benefits.UMMS@umassmed.edu.

11. I understand there is a 60-day wait for health insurance through UMass. What are my options for coverage during this waiting period?

You can research options through the Massachusetts Health Connector at www.mahealthconnector.org. If you are a benefited employee, you will need to click on the option for Individuals and Families. To be covered for the first of a month, you must enroll and pay online by the 10th of the previous month. Be sure to notify the Connector when you wish your coverage to terminate.

12. Who is the HR Consultant for my department?

This information can be found on the HR Website. Click on“Contact Us” on the left task bar. Next click “HR Contacts by Department” for a listing of HR Consultants by department. 

13. How do I find out how much money I have in my State Retirement and how many years of creditable service I have toward vesting?

Please call the State Board of Retirement at 800-392-6014 (in MA) or 617-367-7770 (outside MA)for a statement of your contributions and vesting date.

14. How do I change my beneficiaries for my GIC life insurance and state retirement?

Please go to the Benefits website and click on Life Insurance on the left nav for the GIC life insurance beneficiary form. If you are electing more than 3 beneficiaries or are electing an estate or a trust, please request the G-500 Form from the Benefits Office by sending an email to Benefits.UMMS@umassmed.edu or by calling 508-856-2282. 

For the beneficiary form for state retirement, click on Retirement, Mandatory Retirement on the left nav. The state retirement beneficiary change form can be found there.


15. How do I apply for Tuition Benefits?

Please review the Tuition Policy found on the HR website. To request tuition forms, please send an email to Benefits.UMMS@umassmed.edu. For questions, please call the Benefits Office at 508-856-2282.