Healthy Heart Tip Sheets

Dowloadable formats

Microsoft Word documentCarb content - fruits and vegetablesA list of the carbohydrates found in fruits and vegetables
Microsoft Word documentCereal: how does your's rate?The health qualities of breakfast cereal
Microsoft Word documentHDL - the "good" cholesterolHow can I increase my HDL level?
Microsoft Word documentLDL - the "bad" cholesterolHow can I lower my LDL level?
Microsoft Word documentNutsNuts are healthy- but watch out for the salt and calories
PDF document Omega-3 (Fish oil)Why are omega-3 oils of nutritional value?
Microsoft Word documentSalt in foodHow to identify high-salt products
PDF document Smoking AlgorithmA counseling guide for physicians; useful for patients
Microsoft Word documentSmoking: How to quit when readyA patient guide to quitting smoking
Microsoft Word documentTransfatsWhat they are, and how to avoid them
Microsoft Word documentWhat do my cholesterol levels mean?Learn to read your test results



Please see your primary care physician and/or cardiologist before making any significant changes in your behavior or diet.