Janet Fraser Hale PhD, RN, CS, FNP


Associate Dean for Academic Affairs & Director Interdiscplinary & Community Partnerships / Professor

Phone: 508 856-5769

Email: Janet.Hale@umassmed.edu

Janet Fraser Hale has maintained a clinical practice throughout her academic and military (U.S.Army Reserves) careers, initially as a critical care nurse and recently as a Family Nurse Practitioner and Nurse Administrator. She has also developed model interdiscplinary curricula for medical, nurse practitioner and physician assistant students related to continuous quality improvement in managed care.


1987 PhD, University of Maryland, College Park
1983 MS, University of Alaska, Anchorage, AK
1978 MA, Central Michigan University, MT
1968 BS, Russell Sage College, Troy, NY

Research Interests

  • Advanced Nursing Practice
  • Interdisciplinary Practices
  • Correctional Health Care
  • Health Promotion/Disease Prevention
  • Obesity management and prevention

Selected Publications

Cashman, S. B., Hale, J.F., Candib, L.M., Nimiroski, T.A., & Brookings, D. (2004, November). Applying service-learning through a community-academic partnership: Depression screening at a federally funded community health center. Education for Health,17(3), 313-322

Hale, J.F. (2001). Community-Based Primary Health Care and the Public Health Perspective. Chapter in Redmond, G. and Sorrell, J. (eds.) Community-Based Nursing Practice. F.A. Davis Company.

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Niederhauser, V., Bigley, M., Hale, J. and Harper, D. (December, 1999). Cybercases: An Innovation in Internet Education. Journal of Nursing Education (vol. 38, No. 6).

Hale, J.F. (December 1998). The PRECEDE-PROCEED Model for comprehensive community assessment, health education programming and evaluation in a combat hospital community during the Gulf War. Home Health Care Management and Practice.Vol 11, no. 1:52-65.

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Greenberg, J.S. & Hale, J.F. (January 1988).How to offer effective patient education. The Internist: Health Policy in Practice.

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Hale, J. (1983). Factors Impacting the Implementation, Success and Failure of Primary Nursing as a Nursing Care Delivery System inU.S. Hospitals. Thesis

Diskin, P. & Hale, J. (March 1970). Coronary care unit. Medical Bulletin, U.S.Army Europe.

Other Media Developed

Baldwin, J.J., Greenberg, J.S., Ramsey, S.A., & Hale, J.F. (1985). The Case of the Mis-managed Male. (Slide/tape time management program). Health Education Associates. University of Maryland , College Park .

Baldwin, J.J., Greenberg, J.S., Ramsey, S.A. & Hale, J.F. (1985). The Case of the Restructured Student. (Slide/tape cognitive reappraisal program). Health Education Associates. University of Maryland , College Park

Carty, R.M. & Hale, J.F. (August 1996). Saudi-U.S. University Project - George Mason University Nursing Education Program International Home Page for the CNHS WHO Collaborating Centre for Nursing and Midwifery Development.

Ramsey, S.A. , Greenberg, S.J., & Hale, J.F. (1985). ManagingCollege Stress. Multi-media, stress management program. Health Education Associates. University of Maryland , College Park.

Baldwin, J.J., Hale, J.F. & Ramsey, S.A. (1985). Stress andCollege Students. (Two part 60 minute videotape). Health Education Associates. University of Maryland , College Park.


2002 Comprehensive Health Care for the Massachusetts Department of Correction.Proposal submitted to Massachusetts Department of Correction.Contributor.

1999 Partnerships in Quality Education - A national program supported by The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and The Pew Charitable Trusts through Harvard Medical School and the Harvard Pilgrim Health Program.Principal Investigator

1999 Glaxo-Wellcome Grant for the Implementation of HSV II Programming for vulnerable populations in medically underserved settings.Principal Investigator and Program Director

1996 Korea : Yonsei University Program for Public Health Officials and Providers. Twenty-four Health Care Professionals at GMU

October 12, 1996 through October 26, 1996 . (Co-author).

1996 Project SUCCEED: Lutheran Social Services of the National Capital Area (LSS/NCA) and George MasonUniversity (GMU) World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborating Centre have established the nucleus of a coalition to implement the Support, Cultural, Competence, Education and Employment Development Project (SUCCEED).

1994 Saudi - U.S. University Project to educate Saudi nationals through multiple pathways for the BSN, MSN, and Ph.D. for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia .(Co-Author and Project Associate)

1986 The Feasibility of a Patient Education Service for Primary Care, Private Practice Physicians in Maryland. Partially funded by a grant from the Graduate School, University of Maryland , College Park.(Principal Investigator)

1985 Development,Implementation,and Evaluation:Portable,Self-Instructional StressManagement Program for College Students.

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