Student Organizations

Graduate Student Body Committee (GSBC) 

Type: Community Service, Education, Governance, Social 
Description: The governing student body of the GSBS, it orchestrates service, social, and porofessional development events for GSBS students and interfaces with GSBS administration on issues affecting GSBS students 
Student Leader: Clark, Christopher 
Faculty Leader: Carruthers, Anthony  

GSBS Cares 

Type: Community Service 
Description: A community service organization with elected chairs from the GSBS, but seeking involvement from all three schools 
Student Leader: Clingman, Carina 
Faculty Leader: N/A

MD/PhD Student Advisory Committee (MDPhD SAC)

Type: Education, Governance 
Description: The consists of students representing all MD/PhD class years and handles changes in MD/PhD programming and the organization of the MD/PhD retreat 
Student Leader: Quattrochi, Brian 
Faculty Leader: Szabo, Gyongyi

Student Affairs Committee (SAC) 

Type: Governance 
Description: Works with the SGA to address issues concerning students 
Student Leader: MacDonald, Jennifer M 
Faculty Leader: Gibson, Timothy 

Student Government Alliance (SGA) 

Type: Governance 
Description: A committee composed of the heads of the SBC, GSBC, and GSNO as well as the Student Trustee, who handle policy changes at UMass that impact students 
Student Leader: Weismann, Cara 
Faculty Leader: Beittel, Lisa

Three Schools Committee (TSC) 

Type: Community Service, Education, Social 
Description: Composed of students from the SOM, GSN, and GSBS, a committee charged with organizing events that appeal to students of all schools 
Student Leader: Quattrochi, Brian 
Faculty Leader: Beittel, Lisa

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