in the bin

UMass Medical School is committed to the ambitious goal of reducing its overall waste stream and to increasing the amount of recycled waste from the current 30 percent of all waste to 50 percent. To help the campus reach that target, Facilities is working on expanding recycling locations, signage and options for recycling items.  UMass Medical School is also diverting some of its organic waste to a local farm and currently looking to expand this program. 


Simple Stream Recycling, "in the bin"

  • Plastics 1-7
  • aluminum and metals
  • paper, newspaper, shredded paper
  • cardboard
  • envelopes, folders
  • milk/juice cartons
  • glass

Other items we recycle

  • Ink cartridges: The campus community can recycle ink cartridges at the UMMS Bookstore
  • Electronics: Computers, monitors, appliances, medical and research equipment
  • Battery Recycling through Call2Recycle
  • Furniture: Useful surplus campus furniture is donated to regional non-profits

Where to recycle

Look on campus for blue recycling bins in common areas, offices and conference rooms. If you want more information, or need additional bins, please contact

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