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The Global Health Scholars Program combines residency or fellowship training with participation in the Masters of Science in Clinical Investigation Program to rigorously prepare trainees for careers in global health. 

Program Eligiblity

Candidates for the UMMS Global Scholars Program must meet the following requirements:

  • Enrollment in a UMMS training program sponsored by the Office of GME. Candidates may apply concomitantly to the UMMS training program and the MSCI program but must be accepted by both programs in order to participate in the Global Health Scholars Program.
  • Strong interest in, and potential for, a career in international health activities and/or clinical and translational research.
  • Strong academic record and performance in clinical rotations.
  • U.S. citizenship or permanent U.S. resident status.

Program Overview

Residency or Fellowship Training

During the residency or fellowship years, trainees work with their Departmental advisors to design a personalized program that includes continuity clinic experiences, electives, and 1-2 months of fieldwork relevant to Global Health. In addition, they are expected to attend monthly Global Health seminars and the annual Global Health Symposium.

The MSCI Program

Year 1:

Trainees complete a structured series of courses, seminars, and workshops related to clinical research design, conduct, and analysis. The core curriculum is enhanced with presentations by invited speakers, a bi-weekly journal club, research conferences, and extensive contact with their mentors.

Year 2:

Students take elective courses and complete independent research and a thesis project relevant to Global Health with a faculty mentor and advisor. Students also attend a bi-weekly journal club to augment their design and analytical skills.

For the satisfactory completion of a thesis, students must design a research project, develop a formal proposal, perform the described study, and prepare a scholarly scientific paper on the principal study findings.

Stipends & Benefits

Residency or Fellowship Program

Residency and Fellowship Stipends and Benefits are outlined on the UMMS GME website.

The MSCI Program

All MSCI students receive stipend support and are considered non-benefited employees of UMMS. Students’ stipends are commensurate with current training level. A full-tuition waiver is provided to each full-time graduate student. Health insurance and dental insurance are provided for each student.

Application for Admission

To participate in the UMMS Global Health Scholars Program, candidates must apply to and be accepted by a UMMS residency or fellowship program, as well as the MSCI Program.

Masters of Science in Clinical Investigation Program Application

MSCI program information and application procedures are available on the MSCI website. The deadline for MSCI applications associated with the UMMS Global Health Scholars Program is May 15th. MSCI Admission Committee decisions will be provided to applicants by early June. Please note that all successful MSCI applicants who are not currently participating in a UMMS residency or fellowship program must apply and be accepted to a UMMS residency or fellowship program in order to participate in the UMMS Global Health Scholars Program.

Residency or Fellowship Program Application

Information on UMMS residency or fellowship programs, application procedures and deadlines are available on the UMMS GME website.

General questions regarding the UMMS Global Health Scholars program may be directed to the Office of Global Health ( Questions regarding individual residency or fellowship program applications should be directed to the individual program director. Questions regarding the MSCI program or applications may be directed

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