Beyond Wikipedia: Free Online Access to Medical Knowledge, Texts, and Journals for Liberia


Best 3 Sources:

World Health Organization

For practice guidelines and evidence on tropical medicine and topics.


Best source for getting access to free textbook style information. Once register for FREE have access to news, journals and free medical textbook. Excellent resource!

General Knowledge

MSF (Doctors without Borders)

CDC (Centers for Disease Control)

Great resource on infectious diseases. Can search for different topics and diseases and get up to date information (such as on Lassa Fever or Dengue).

TALC (Teaching Aids at Low Cost)

Can buy textbooks for free and can order several CD-Rom’s for FREE that they will ship to you free of charge including textbooks like “Common Skin Diseases in Africa” (with pictures)

Malaria Journal

New articles on malaria. Free / open access.

Other Sources when looking for answers to specific clinical questions and to search for journals online:



Easy, free searches for up to date medical articles about specific topics. Links to some free articles and all abstracts free. Can “limit” searches to give you access to all free articles.

Hinari – from WHO

Allows free access from Liberia to most major medical journals. Must use log in from Liberian Medical School Registration (should be able to get this).

Cochrane Database

Best source to access up to date scientific reviews of medical literature for questions about whether certain therapies are effective to help patients.


Best resource for rare GENETIC diseases or if you suspect genetic disease. Can type in disease name or symptoms. Be sure to click on “clinical synopsis” section.

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