International Travel Registration Form

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In order to expedite the approval of your international travel to a country with a WARNING or ALERT, please forward the completed Pre-Travel Authorization form to:

*School of Medicine students are required to submit the Pre-Travel Authorization form to their home department, The Office of Undergraduate Medical Education.* Thank you.


In compliance with UMMS travel policy, anyone traveling under the University of Massachusetts Medical School auspices must complete this a travel registration form. Once your registration has been approved, you will receive a copy of the AIG travel insurance policy number and brochure from the Office of Global Health.  

Dual Employed Physicians traveling under the auspices of UMMHC are also required to comply with the requirements of the UMass Memorial Health Care Policy governing international travel. That policy can be accessed at the UMass Memorial HR policy page on OurNet.

The University of Massachusetts Medical School abides by the Travel Alerts and Warnings provided by the U.S. State Department. 

Travelers to countries on the State Department Travel Alert or Warning list must select their country destination from the drop down list.

All other travelers please select OTHER.

Please be sure that you DO NOT BLOCK POP-UPS as the travel registration page will pop up in a separate browser window or tab. Read all instructions on the pages carefully.

The UMMS travel policy prohibits Students (Medical School, Graduate Nursing School and Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences) from traveling to countries on the US State Department Warning or Alert list.

Travel Warning:
The State department issues a Travel Warning when they want you to consider very carefully whether you should go to a country at all. Examples of reasons for issuing a Travel Warning might include unstable government, civil war, ongoing intense crime or violence, or frequent terrorist attacks. They want you to know the risks of traveling to these places and to strongly consider not going to them at all. Travel Warnings remain in place until the situation changes; some have been in effect for years.

Travel Alert:
The State department issues a Travel Alert for short-term events they think you should know about when planning travel to a country. Examples of reasons for issuing a Travel Alert might include an election season that is bound to have many strikes, demonstrations, or disturbances; a health alert like an outbreak of H1N1; or evidence of an elevated risk of terrorist attacks. When these short-term events are over, they cancel the Travel Alert.

Traveling to Zika State Alert Countries

Active US State Department Travel Alerts and Warnings (online)

To start the Travel Registration Process, select your country of destination here:


Please note temporary post CLOSURES and WORLDWIDE travel alert. UMMS members are advised NOT to travel to these countries or locations until the temporary closure has been resolved.

Country Countries    Date   Warning Type
Afghanistan   10/5/16   Warning
Algeria   12/13/16   Warning
Bangladesh   7/10/16   Warning
Burkina Faso   1/20/16   Warning
Burundi   11/15/16   Warning
Cameroon   8/19/16   Warning
Central African Republic   10/19/16   Warning
Chad   11/4/16   Warning
Colombia   4/5/16   Warning
Democratic Republic of the Congo   12/23/16   Warning
Egypt   12/23/16   Warning
El Salvador   1/15/16   Warning
Eritrea   8/26/16   Warning
Ethiopia   12/6/16   Warning
Europe Travel Alert   11/21/16   Alert
Haiti   11/16/16   Alert
Haiti   11/4/16   Warning
Honduras   8/4/16   Warning
Hurricane and Typhoon Season 2016   6/3/16   Alert
Iran   8/22/16   Warning
Iraq   7/6/15   Warning
Israel, The West Bank and Gaza   8/23/16   Warning
Jordan   12/23/16   Warning
Kenya   6/30/16   Warning
Laos   10/5/16   Alert
Lebanon   7/29/16   Warning
Libya   7/9/16   Warning
Mali   12/23/16   Warning
Mauritania   2/23/16   Warning
Mexico   12/8/16   Warning
Niger   1/21/16   Warning
Nigeria   8/3/16   Warning
North Korea   11/9/16   Warning
Pakistan   10/7/16   Warning
Philippines   12/20/16   Warning
Republic of South Sudan   7/10/16   Warning
Saudi Arabia   7/27/16   Warning
Somalia   5/24/16   Warning
South Pacific Tropical Cyclone Season   10/6/16   Alert
Sudan   1/21/16   Warning
Syria   10/11/16   Warning
Tunisia   9/2916   Warning
Turkey   10/29/16   Warning
Ukraine   12/14/16   Warning
Venezuela   12/15/16   Warning
Yemen   8/6/16   Warning
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