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General Internal Medicine Division

Community Internal Medicine

Division Chief: Andrew Miller, MD
Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine 

The Division of General Internal Medicine at the University of Massachusetts not only includes physicians practicing adult primary care on the university campus, but also includes a great number of board-certified physicians practicing in and around Worcester County. 

Community Internal Medicine plays a significant role in providing local communities with the expertise, knowledge and strength of the UMassMemorial Health Care organization in the smaller, more intimate setting of the small towns we serve.  We are a vital part of the Medical Community, as well as the Department of Medicine, and the healthcare system as a whole.

Community Internal Medicine represents over 90 active Worcester area physicians and, including regional clinicians with faculty appointments and/or admitting privileges, over 150 members, in total. Our members serve as primary care providers for a large percentage of the Central Massachusetts population.

CIM advocates for our members, provides a forum for Community Internists to meet and exchange ideas and concerns, develops and enhances educational programs for clinicians, and works to expand our role as teachers of medicine and explore shared clinical research opportunities. These efforts sometimes enable our patients to be on the cutting edge of therapy and clinical trials.

Tri River faculty staffCIM faculty are actively involved in all levels of  medical school, including medical school graduates from around the country, and the world, who come to UMass as residents in our University training programs, allowing us to provide a diverse group of doctors which mirrors the regions’ diverse population of patients and families.

All members of CIM participate in quality assurance programs and are knowledgeable in managed care which helps to improve our patients’ health and lifestyle.

Please visit our Faculty Page to view a list of physicians and their locations.