Endoscopic Research

Research is focused primarily on new therapeutic endoscopic approaches to the management of pancreatic and biliary disorders, including the following:

  1. Endoscopic, non-surgical management of pancreatitis;<
  2. Endoscopic assessment and management of ampullary stenosis;
  3. Utility of endoscopic ultrasound in digestive diseases; and,
  4. Outcome effectiveness of endoscopic procedures.

Selected Publications:

Varanasi RV, Saltzman JR, Krims P, Crimaldi A, Colby J. Breast carcinoma metastatic to the esophagus: Clinicopathological and management features of four cases, and literature review. Am J Gastro 90:1495-1499, 1995.

Levey JM, Banner B, Darrah J, Bonkovsky HL. Inflammatory cloacogenic polyp: Three cases and literature review. Am J Gastro 89:438-441, 1994.

Barnard GF, Jafri I, Banner B, Bonkovsky HL. Colonic mucosal appearance of Tangier disease in a new patient. Gastrointest Endoscopy 40:628-630, 1994.

Jafri IH, Saltzman JR, Colby J, Krims P. Evaluation of the impact of endoscopic ultrasonography in gastrointestinal disease. Gastrointest Endoscopy 40:64, 1994.

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