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Research Activities in Gastroenterology

Research interests of our Division span the bedside and the bench and include studies of a broad range of important issues in modern digestive disease and nutrition including basic mechanisms of regulation of hepatic gene expression, of gastric acid production, and of neoplastic transformation. Clinical research includes studies on therapies for viral hepatitis, malnutrition, obstructive pancreatic-biliary disease, and effects of aging on gastrointestinal function.

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Other areas of active research include the following:

Evaluation and Management of Iron Storage Diseases

We have considerable expertise in the evaluation and management of known or possible hemochromatosis, including quantitative measurement of hepatic iron concentrations and development of improved NMR methods for estimating these concentrations non-invasively.

If you desire further information regarding research projects of the Liver, Biliary, and Pancreatic Center, please contact Denise Stefancyk, R.N. at 508-856-1982 or the main office of Division of Gastroenterology at 508-856-3068 (phone) or 508-856-3981 (fax).