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Conflict of Interest action required by all employees

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts State Ethics Commission requires that all state employees be provided with a summary of the state’s Conflict of Interest Law by December 28, 2009, and annually thereafter.

Every state employee is required to acknowledge that he/she has been provided with the summary. (State employees hired after December 28, 2009, should be provided with the summary within 30 days of the date on which they commence employment, and annually thereafter.)

Employees may do this from any computer workstation (home, work, etc.) using HR Direct. Instructions are below.
Access the HR Direct Secure Access Login page using the link that follows. (Note: it is case sensitive if you are retyping into your browser): applications.umasscs.net/psp/hrprd90/EMPLOYEE/HRMS/h/?tab=DEFAULT
  1. Enter your username in the Campus User ID field (the same username used to sign on to a work computer).
  2. Enter your password (the same password used to sign on to a work computer).
  3. Choose “Worcester” as your campus.
  4. Click on “Login.” (It may take a few minutes to log in). Click “Yes” if you receive a pop-up window stating that you are being redirected.
  5. A message will appear asking you to click the “OK” button to view the Conflict of Interest summary. Click “OK.”
  6. Click on the link to access the summary of the conflict of interest law document.
  7. Review and/or print the document. Once done, close the document.
  8. Click ”Submit” to attest to having received this summary.
  9. Click “OK” to complete the confirmation.
  10. You may now use the left navigation menu to access other modules of Peoplesoft.

If you are unable to complete this required acknowledgement using the instructions above, you may download the PDF of the Conflict of Interest Law and acknowledgment form from this link. The first page of the PDF has instructions on where to send your signed form.
For more information on the changes to the Conflict of Interest law, please visit www.mass.gov/ethics.

Important GIC benefit changes effective February 1, 2010

To help meet its projected FY10 deficit, the Massachusetts Group Insurance Commission (GIC) took the rare step of voting to implement benefit changes effective February 1, 2010. Information about the benefit changes, including additional details about the deductible and premium, rates are on the GIC Web site at www.mass.gov/gic. On a brighter note, premiums for state employees and non-Medicare retirees will decrease approximately $6 to $17 per month, depending on health plan, coverage and hiring date (on or before June 30, 2003). Details about new premium rates are also be on the GIC’s Web site.