CWM December 2009

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Message from Tom Manning

Looking back on Commonwealth Medicine's ten year history, it is clear that there has been a consistency to what we’ve done that has helped make us what we are today—and more importantly, shows where we are headed. . . . Read full story >>

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A strategic partner

In creating the future model of health care delivery—one of the key goals of the UMass Academic Health Sciences Center strategic plan—Commonwealth Medicine is a leading contributor.  . . .Read full story >>

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Reflections by members of the Commonwealth Medicine team

We asked a handful of employees to reflect on how their work fits into the larger context of public service. A common sentiment emerged—pride at making a difference, be it in lives, policies or programs.  . . . Read full story >>

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Global initiatives

Recognizing that medically vulnerable populations exist worldwide, CWM is broadening its reach by working to develop public health services internationally. . . . Read full story >>  

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Commonwealth Medicine over the years

. . . Read full-size timeline >>