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The Emergency Assistance Fund still needs your help

In January, UMass Medical School established the Emergency Assistance Fund, available to any benefited UMMS employee who is experiencing temporary financial difficulty resulting from an emergency that is temporary, sudden and non-recurring. An individual grant of up to $1,000 is available to any benefited employee in a twelve-month period.

The fund is made possible by the generous support of UMMS employees who donate earned vacation time that is converted to its net cash value and contributed to the fund. Employees may voluntarily contribute up to four hours of vacation time per calendar year; employees may also make direct cash donations to the fund.

The initial response to the program was very good. Employees generously donated vacation time and the fund grew; as a result, 33 grants were awarded to UMMS individuals and families in need. But now, the resources of the Emergency Assistance Fund are very low and there are families who are awaiting assistance.

If you haven’t considered donating to the Emergency Assistance Fund before, please think about it now. Making a donation is as easy as completing and returning a very simple form, available on the Human Resources Web site. Visit http://inside.umassmed.edu/uploadedFiles/HR204.pdf and make your donation today!

Copyright update from the Lamar Soutter Library

One of the tools UMMS has for managing copyright issues is the Annual Copyright License—Academic from the Copyright Clearance Center. The license addresses the use of copyrighted textual content within the UMMS community—photocopies for class handouts, print and electronic course packs, BLS/VISTA course content, faculty-to-faculty sharing—for materials fro which UMMS may not already have licensed rights. (For more information, visit library.umassmed.edu)

Institutions participating in the Annual Copyright License--Academic must submit an annual report to the Copyright Clearance Center by October 15 listing the bibliographic citations for copyrighted material used in course materials for the fall semester. This data is aggregated anonymously with that of other schools, and is used to properly distribute our annual subscription payment to the publishers participating in the license program. Please help the LSL in compiling the information for this year’s annual report by sending bibliographies for fall 2009 courses to Barbara Ingrassia via global e-mail or in person in the library.

The Lamar Soutter Library and the UMass Office of General Counsel are also working together to plan training sessions about copyright for this fall. Look for additional information on the LSL Web site and in future issues of Focus.