Vol. 12 No. 2 - September, 2009

Growing Green Web site launched

Growing Green Logo

 The University of Massachusetts Medical School is in a constant state of growth. In today’s environmentally and socially conscious world that means taking responsibility to ensure that the Medical School’s progress isn’t damaging the environment. In order to integrate thoughtful environmental stewardship of its campus with its goal of sustainable institutional advancement, UMass Medical School has launched the Growing Green sustainability campaign and Web site.

“Beyond the environmental benefits, which are important in their own right, our sustainability effort is fundamental if we are going to continue expanding our science and clinical operations. We need to grow, but in ways that have as little additional environmental impact as possible,” said Chancellor Michael F. Collins, MD.

As part of a multi-layered sustainability program to reduce energy consumption, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and expand recycling, the Growing Green Web site provides up-to-date information on the Medical School’s efforts to limit the carbon footprint of the campus. Visitors to the Web site can find information about the Medical School’s commitment to increasing the amount of recycled waste from the current 27 percent of all waste to 50 percent, or learn how the co-generation plant reduces the amount of fuel needed to produce the campus’s electrical needs by 30 percent or the Medical School’s efforts to have the new Albert Sherman Center and the Advanced Center for Clinical Care, Education and Sciences (ACCES) buildings meet the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) criteria.