July 2009 Employee of Distinction Group Award

Employees Hrenko and Poole


Diane Hrenko and Keith Poole

Senior Business Manager and Project Manager
Center for Health Care Financing, Commonwealth Medicine

Professionally Speaking

As professionals with both private finance and public health care expertise, July Employee of Distinction Group members Diane Hrenko and Keith Poole bring knowledge and skills to Commonwealth Medicine’s Center for Health Care Financing (CHCF) that go beyond their regular job descriptions, with far reaching monetary and operational impact on the center and its clients.

Hrenko is responsible for a range of functions, from contracts to client relations, for CHCF clients in Massachusetts and other states, while Poole manages projects to find new and enhance existing revenue for MassHealth, the Massachusetts Medicaid program. “Their partnership and ability to collaborate with other CHCF team members is exemplary,” wrote nominators Gerry Beaudreault, manager and principal claiming director for the CHCF Medicaid Consulting Practice and Julie Forgione, associate director of Business and Organizational Development.

In addition to performing their substantial regular duties, Hrenko and Poole are frequently tapped for special projects including the creation of ad hoc financial reports, and materials such as a presentation detailing the center’s history and accomplishments that support out-of-state business development. “It feels good to know people are confident in our ability to do such things and to be given the freedom to create something new and different,” said Poole.

Points of Pride

Hrenko and Poole appreciated the opportunity to publish the first-ever CHCF Service Operations Overview (also known as the CHCF annual report). When CHCF leadership realized that many in state government—in addition to  many CWM associates—were unfamiliar with the center’s work, Hrenko and Poole volunteered to create a communication vehicle to spread the word. The result of their extensive efforts over several months is a publication that comprehensively and concisely describes the center’s activities and highlights the impact of its work on behalf of the commonwealth.

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