Vol. 11 No. 12 - July, 2009

Walk to Cure Cancer embarks on second decade

Walk to Cure Cancer

The 11th annual Walk to Cure Cancer takes place on Sunday, Sept. 13, 2009. Walkers from across New England and the nation will be raising funds for cancer research at UMass Medical School and cancer care at UMass Memorial Medical Center.

“Physicians and scientists are dedicated to working in a collaborative, multidisciplinary environment where discoveries in the laboratory provide our patients with a competitive advantage to challenge cancer,” said Gary Stein, PhD, the Gerald L. Haidak, MD, and Zelda S. Haidak Professor of Cell Biology and interim director of the UMass Memorial Cancer Center. “Partnerships in cancer research, detection and treatment at the Cancer Center make the decisive difference.”

Dr. Stein, who cha i r s the Department of Cell Biology at UMMS, described recent advances that are having an impact on cancer diagnosis and therapy, including strategies for prostate cancer therapy based on targeting integrated gene regulatory networks ; breas t imaging that enhances detection and localization of early stage tumors; development of drugs that selectively prevent survival of cancer cells; enhanced capabilities for bone marrow transplantation based on new insights into stem cells; models for pancreatic cancer that provide opportunities to develop capabilities for early-stage diagnosis; a combined chemotherapy/surgery procedure for advanced-stage cancer; a novel strategy for radiation treatment that is faster, more comfortable and more precise in targeting tumors; discovery of gene expression signatures associated with breast and prostate tumor metastasis to bone; and clinical trials underway at UMass Memorial Medical Center.


To learn more about advances in cancer research and treatment and to hear inspiring stories from cancer survivors, make plans to attend the Walk to Cure Cancer Kick-off Breakfast on Thursday, July 16, at the Hogan Center at the College of the Holy Cross. For information or to register for the breakfast, call x6-1318 or visit www.walktocurecancer.com.

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