June 2009 Employee of Distinction Award

Michele Barys


Michele Barys

Administrative Assistant
Department of Animal Medicine
Year Started: 2004
Hometown Worcester

Professionally Speaking

As a member of the administrative team in Animal Medicine,June Employee of Distinction Michele Barys has not onlybecome thoroughly familiar with the processes required tokeep the department running smoothly so that faculty canconduct their research uninterrupted, she has improved uponmany of these processes and become invaluable along theway. In addition to overseeing payroll for the department’s 68employees, many of whom work weekend shifts for thisseven-days-a-week operation, Barys’ primary responsibility ispurchasing animal models for principal investigators.“Michele has brought an excellence to both of these areas,effectively eliminating errors and inconsistencies,” wroteher nominators.

Barys is praised for streamlining the ordering process,resulting in increased efficiency and cost savings, and sheattributes her success to her “get it done” attitude andattention to detail. “With no two days alike, there is alwayssomething new to address and my wheels are always turningabout how to do things better,” she said. She also paysattention to the big picture, making a point of attendingdepartment quarterly meetings at which faculty who usethe department’s services explain their work and the roleAnimal Medicine plays.

Points of Pride

Barys attributes heremphasis on customersatisfaction to her daysas a department storebuyer. “Similarly, myjob here is to get mycustomers what theywant,” she said. “What Ido is a small part of theprocess, but I am proudto contribute to whatcould become breakthroughdiscoveries.”

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