Vol. 11 No. 11 - June, 2009

Sagor named Community Clinician of the Year

Linda Sagor
Linda Sagor, MD, MPH, the 2009 WDMS Community Clinician of the Year, has distinguished herself as one of the region’s leading pediatricians.

Linda D. Sagor, MD, MPH, has been named 2009 Community Clinician of the Year by the Worcester District Medical Society. The award recognizes a practitioner from each district of the Massachusetts Medical Society who has made significant contributions to patients in his or her community. For more than three decades Dr. Sagor, associate professor of pediatrics and director of the Division of General Pediatrics for UMass Memorial Medical Center, has cared for children as a compassionate physician and advocate. “I am grateful that UMass Medical School and UMass Memorial provide great opportunities to get involved in community service and advocacy,” she said.

Sagor has distinguished herself as one of the region’s leading pediatricians because of her dedication to the welfare of children on multiple levels, from encouraging proper nutrition to promoting continuity of care. Concerned that medical care for foster children was fragmented, inconsistent and incomplete, Sagor created and directs the Foster Children Evaluation Services (FaCES) program, which provides health screenings, comprehensive evaluations and a unique medical information system containing all health data for foster children. More than 80 percent of children in foster care in Worcester and surrounding areas are seen by FaCES and then referred to a primary care provider, along with their complete records, for ongoing care.

In addition to championing children in the state’s foster care system, Sagor has contributed to the health and well-being of thousands of Worcester school children as medical consultant for the Worcester Public School Nutrition Program. She has actively supported the Breakfast Demonstration Project, a Worcester Public Schools initiative she has called “truly a lifeline for poor families.”

Reflecting on the WDMS honor and her other accolades, Sagor concluded, “It is gratifying to be recognized by my peers for work that I’m passionate about.”

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