Vol. 12 No. 9 - April, 2010

Albert Sherman Center construction begins

ASC rendering
Rendering provided by ARC Architectural Resources

The campus community recently learned how the start of the Albert Sherman Center construction will impact daily life, and what the building means for the future of the UMass Medical School. Audience members at an informational meeting on Wednesday, March 31, saw the latest architectural plans and a three-dimensional model of the three-year, $400-million project that will reshape the University campus and enhance the Medical School’s position as a leader in medical research and education.

The north end of First Road, as well as the Basic and West parking lots, were closed on Monday, April 19, the official first day of construction. Cars will now enter the library parking lot from North Road, and shuttle buses will enter campus at the South Road entrance. Construction vehicles will access the site using two gates off North Road. Construction workers will be shuttled from offsite parking lots.

Site work will continue into the fall, with blasting beginning in May and lasting for two to three weeks. The actual building is scheduled to take shape starting in June when the first steel beams will be installed, and it will continue to grow until deemed weather tight by October 2011. The project is scheduled to be complete by December 2012.

A new shuttle route for GSBS and School of Medicine first-year students and UMass Memorial employees began on Tuesday, April 20, from the Spag’s/Building 19 parking lot at 5 Harrington Ave. in Shrewsbury. A new shuttle stop for all three shuttle routes – Spag’s/Building 19, Assembly of God (AOG) and South Street – has been established on the north side of Third Road.

For more information about the Albert Sherman Center, and for the latest campus updates, visit www.umassmed.edu/shermancenter.