Vol. 12 No. 7 - February, 2010

Paperless pay advice update

Paperless paycheck FAQ
I don’t use a computer at work nor do I have one at home. How can I access my pay advice?

Your pay advice is accessible from any computer that has Internet access. For those who do not have a computer at work or at home, contact your manager to find out how you can access a computer at work.

What if I am having trouble accessing my paycheck advice?

If you have trouble logging on to HR Direct, accessing online paycheck advices or have forgotten your password, send an e-mail to the UMW Help Desk at helpdesk@umassmed.edu.

Will my online pay advice look different from my printed pay advice?

Not really. All the information that was on your printed pay advice is on your online version. There are subtle format changes that make it look a little different, but you will have no problem finding all the information that was on your printed version.

By the end of March, pay advices (also known as pay stubs) for all UMass Medical School employees will no longer be printed and will only be available online. The implementation will be staggered over four pay periods, from Feb. 5 to March 19. With their last printed pay advices, employees will receive a memo that will include instructions on how to access and print pay advices online through HR Direct.

This change is part of a new PeopleSoft module called Employee Self-Service, which increases employees’ access to their personal information, including pay information. In the future, employees will be able to access a history of their pay advices. These records can be printed on demand and are available 24/7 for each pay period. New pay advices are available online on the Thursday morning of each pay week.

Additional benefits of eliminating printed pay advices include:

  • Reducing costs associated with pay advice forms and postage;
  • Reducing paper from the waste stream; and
  • Increasing productivity by eliminating the time required to sort and distribute pay advices or provide duplicate advices.

All employees with active Windows login accounts on the UMass Medical School system can currently access their pay advices through HR Direct. If your UMMS Windows login account is not active or you have never used it, you will receive a packet with a temporary password from your department head or academic administrator before your advice is no longer printed. If you have forgotten your password, contact the IS Helpdesk and they will reset your password.

Accessing and printing paycheck advices online is simple and can be done from any computer with Internet access. Visit inside.umassmed.edu/hr and click on “Link to HR Direct.”