Vol. 12 No. 7 - February, 2010

Meet the HR team

web barrett
UMMS Technology and Media Services
Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources Ian Barrett

The Human Resources organization, led by Associate Vice Chancellor Ian Barrett, is comprised of a team of dedicated and experienced professionals. Their areas of expertise range from creating work-life programs such as the Employee Assistance Fund to developing a recruitment and retention strategy that provides the right talent to support UMMS priorities and fosters diversity. Below are some members of the team, photographed at recent staff and management team meetings.

January 2010



web brown
UMMS Technology and Media Services
Holly Brown,  Administrative Coordinator (front left), with Ian Barrett


web distefano
UMMS Technology and Media Services
James DiStefano, Manager, International Students and Scholars; Maria Whalen, Senior Workplace Learning Specialist; and Maureen O’Reilly, Senior Manager, Employment


web mutschler
UMMS Technology and Media Services
Ethan Mutschler, Senior Manager, Labor and Employee Relations; and John Roy, Senior Manager, Compensation
web barrell
UMMS Technology and Media Services
Gail Barrell, Employment Coordinator; Anita Garabedian, Benefits Assistant; Patti Hannam, Benefits Assistant; Jen Laramie, Workers Compensation Assistant; and  Deb George, Workers Compensation Specialist


web hirsch
UMMS Technology and Media Services
Lee Morin, Manager, Workplace Learning; Barry Kneeland, Project Manager, Human Resources; Carol Dugard, Manager, HR Systems; and Janet Hirsch, Senior Manager, Work Life


web kerr
UMMS Technology and Media Services
Karin Fitch, Senior Manager, Employee Relations; Holly Brown; and Phil Kerr, Senior Director, Human Resources