Vol. 12 No. 7 - February, 2010

Reminder: Changes to all GIC health insurance plans effective Feb. 1

 As of Feb. 1, all health plan members must meet a calendar year deductible of $250 per member, with a maximum of $750 per family. This deductible must be paid before a health plan begins paying benefits for covered individuals and their dependents. The deductible does not apply to office visits, mental health/substance abuse benefits or prescription drug benefits. Ancillary tests and procedures performed during an office visit, however, are subject to the deductible. For detailed information about the benefit changes, please visit the GIC Web site and click on the link “GIC Health Plan Deductible” in the News & Updates section at the top right.

On a related note, as a result of these benefit changes, health plan premiums will decrease slightly. If you have any questions, please visit the GIC Web site or contact the UMMS HR/Benefits Department at ext.6-2282 or 6-2036.