Vol. 12 No. 7 - February, 2010

Conflict of Interest action required by all employees

New requirement includes mandatory online training

A new state law mandates that all state employees be provided with a summary of the state’s Conflict of Interest Law within 30 days of employment, and annually thereafter. UMass Medical School employees were provided the summary in December by e-mail and HR Direct notification. All employees are required to acknowledge in writing that they have been provided with this summary. They may complete this acknowledgment from any computer workstation (home, work, etc.) using HR Direct.

If you have not received this summary, it is available on the Human Resources home page on the intranet. This summary is also posted on the State Ethics Commission’s Web site under the heading Education and Training Resources/Mandatory Training Requirements. If you have not already done so, once you have obtained the summary, please send an e-mail to HRConflictofInterest@umassmed.edu stating that you have received the Conflict of Interest Summary.

Another change to the conflict of interest law requires state employees to complete an online training program prepared by the State Ethics Commission. The law provides that “every state employee shall complete the online training within 30 days of becoming an employee, and every two years thereafter.” Detailed information about this new requirement will be issued by Human Resources in the coming weeks.