Vol. 12 No. 6 - January, 2010

Recognizing civility and diversity

The Chancellor’s Diversity and Civility Awards introduced

Civility and diversity are deeply held institutional values that are fostered on a day-to-day basis and formalized in numerous institutional documents and policies. In an effort to reward individuals or groups that demonstrate an outstanding commitment to promoting diversity and civility in the UMMS community, two new chancellor's awards have been established.

The Chancellor’s Diversity Award will be given to a group or individual that exemplifies the core values as stated in the Academic Health Sciences Center Strategic Plan; specifically, “Diversity promoted within our institution to foster an atmosphere of compassion, courtesy and mutual respect, stimulating inventiveness and broadening our talent.” The award will recognize sustained evidence of compassion and mutual respect for diverse ethnicities and cultures as well as actions that champion the advancement of the institutional diversity mission.

The Chancellor’s Civility Award will be given to a group or individual that exemplifies the values described in the institution’s Civility Statement, which in part reads, “UMass Medical School is a large, diverse community committed to a civil, respectful and humane workplace. Our commitment to civility contributes to the recruitment and retention of top talent.” The award will recognize a group or individual that exemplifies integrity, courtesy and respect for fellow members of the UMMS community.

Additional information about these awards and the nomination process will be distributed to the UMMS community via e-mail and will be posted on the DEOO Web site in the coming weeks.