Hahnemann Family Health Center Faculty

Thank you for your interest in Hahnemann Family Health Center.  Please feel free to contact any of our faculty if you have questions about our program!



Ronald Adler, MD, FAAFP  
Assistant Professor
Director, Primary Care Practice Improvement
Center for the Advancement of Primary Care
University of Massachusetts, M.D., 1989
Family Practice Residency: Hahnemann Family Health Center/UMass, 1992
Areas of Interest and Research: Women’s Health and Obstetrics
About Hahnemann: Residents of this program are deeply committed to learning to be providers of superior care to their patients. They are attracted to the health center by the diverse patient population and the excellent support staff. What I value most about Lincoln Street is the full spectrum of family care delivered to people of various ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds.



Katharine Barnard, MD
Assistant Professor
Medical Director, Plumley Village Health Services
Brown University, Providence RI
University of Massachusetts
Residency: Umass Worcester Family Medicine Residency - Hahnemann Family Health Center
Areas of Interest and Research: Women's health including obstetrics, community health, care of young families, substance abuse, working with urban Spanish-speaking patients, and teaching students and residents about office-based family medicine and obstetrics
Hometown: I guess I would have to say Worcester -- I've lived here longer than I've lived in any other place in my life (12 years now)
About Hahnemann: Worcester has all the right ingredients for teaching family medicine: a city big enough and multicultural enough to have interesting variety of people and medical problems, but small enough that you can get to know the medical community and the city itself. The Family Medicine department is large and ful of experienced clinicians and researchers who can help to shape a resident's education.
Why Family Medicine? I love the diversity of my patient panel. I love helping people through transition times of their life. I love seeing families grow and change over time. I like to be an advocate for my patients. I enjoy doing office procedures and deliveries. I really enjoy my colleagues. They are inquisitive, innovative, empathetic, and community-minded, and they challenge me to continue to grow and learn. 
Personal Facts: I like to do just about anything outdoors, especially gardening and sailing. I play the oboe, and my favorite show to perform is Handel's Messiah.



Kimberly Bombaci, MD
Assistant Professor

Brandeis University
UMass Medical School, 2010
Residency: UMass Worcester Family Medicine Residency (Hahnemann), 2013
Areas of Interest and Research: Women's Health and Pediatrics
About Hahnemann: I originally came to UMass as a medical student. I loved the supportive environment here and stayed for my Residency and now as a faculty member. UMass strives to be on the forefront of medical innovations and keeps patient care a priority. The organization is also dedicated to training new physicians to be compassionate and competent which is fun to be a part of.



Jennifer Buckley, MD
Assistant Professor
University of Maine, Orono
Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine/Medical College of Virginia
Residency: Brown Family Medicine residency (2012)
Fellowship: Maternal Child Health/Brown Family Medicine Department(2013)
Areas of Interest and Research: Women’s health and family-centered maternity care, including operative obstetrics.
About Hahnemann: I recently joined the faculty at Hahnemann after spending the initial parts of my career in RI.  Everyone here is amazing and there are a lot of us! The clinic itself serves a very diverse and underserved population, which in my opinion is a great setting for family medicine.
Why Family Medicine? This specialty has given me the unique opportunity to practice the entire spectrum of medicine while also focusing in on my areas of interest.  I really enjoy caring for an entire family.  I also like team work, doing procedures, teaching, and staying up to date on the latest evidence-based medicine.
Personal Facts: I was born at UMass Memorial Hospital! I love to do anything active & outdoors, especially with my dog. 



Stephanie Carter-Henry, MD, MS
Education Director, Hahnemann Family Health Center
Assistant Professor
Commonwealth Honors College at University of Massachusetts-Amherst (BS, 2003) (MS, 2004)
Family Medicine Residency: UMass Worcester Family Medicine Residency, 2011
Areas of Interest and Research: Dr. Carter-Henry's academic interests are in curriculum development, graduate medical education in maternal health, and medical student specialty choice. Her clinical interests include family centered maternity care, behavioral and mental health, and group prenatal care. 


Joan Dolan, Nurse Practitioner






Michael Ennis, MD
Associate Professor, Department of Family Medicine and Community Health
Assistant Dean of Student Advising, UMass Medical School
Williams College, 1979
University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, 1983
Family Medicine Residency, UMass Medical School, 1986
Areas of Interest and Research: Student/Resident Mentoring, Family Centered Maternity Care, Travel Medicine
Hometown: The Bronx, NY
About Hahnemann: Teaching residents and students feels like a special privilege that I get to enjoy every day. It is definitely one of the top reasons that I have continued to work at Hahnemann for 23+ years. Bearing witness to, and occasionally helping, our residents transform into highly competent clinicians is a blast!
Why Family Medicine? My reasons for choosing family medicine continue to constantly morph and evolve. Perhaps, as a student, I initially came to this work enchanted by the idea of caring for the broadest of spectrums: “the cradle to the grave.” Nowadays, it is much more the continuity that I have with my families that sustains my passion for being a family doctor. Caring for extended families, sometimes 4 generations, delivering the babies of women whom I delivered as babies....these things too feel like a unique privilege that family doctors get to enjoy.
Personal Facts: I worked as a taxidriver in NYC for several years prior to going to medical school.


Mary Flynn, MD
Assistant Professor
Williams College, 2004
UMass Medical School, 2009
Residency: UMass Worcester Family Medicine Residency (Hahnemann), 2012
Areas of Interest and Research: Maternal-Child Health, Underserved Populations
Professional Affiliations: AAFP, MAssachusetts AFP
About Hahnemann: I chose to stay at UMass for residency and then as an attending because it seemed to me that there was no better place to practice Family Medicine. I love working with students and residents, and I feel very supported by my colleagues throughout the hospital.
Personal Facts: I live in Worcester with my husband, Jim. We have a cat named Callie and a horse named Sara.




David Gilchrist, MD
Assistant Professor
Medical Director, Hahnemann Family Health Center
Gordon College, 2002
UMass Medical School, 2006
Residency: UMass Worcester Family Medicine Residency, 2009
Areas of Interest and Research: Pediatric Health, Pediatric Obesity, Maternity Care
Hometown: Revere, MA
About Hahnemann: UMass has a great tradition of training family doctors in the full breadth of family medicine and preparing them for any future career they choose.
Why Family Medicine? One of the greatest parts of being a family doctor is the variety of patients I care for.
Personal Facts: I'm an identical twin and I enjoy playing the guitar.


G Gleich


Gerald Gleich, MD
Medical Director, St. Mary Health Care Center
Interim Clinical Chief of Geriatrics, UMass Division of Geriatrics
Boston University, 1975
University of Massachusetts Medical School, 1984
UMass Worcester Family Medicine Residency – Barre Health Center, 1987
Areas of Interest and Research: Geriatrics, Practice Redesign, Chronic Pain Management
Hometown: Long Beach, New York
About Hahnemann: I love my practice at Hahnemann. It is a well-organized, stimulating environment in which to practice, teach, and learn. I get to work with a terrific group of colleagues on the faculty who are committed educators and talented clinicians. I enjoy working closely with residents helping them grow and develop the skills and confidence they will need for their careers in Family Medicine. Worcester is the birth place of Family Medicine in Massachusetts and the UMass Family Medicine community continues to provide the leadership and support we need to help us train the family physicians of the future, and transform the way we deliver care to our patients.
Why Family Medicine? I initially chose to be a family physician because of my political belief that good health care is a right for all and it begins with primary care. Over the years family medicine has been an extremely fulfilling career for me. As I have changed and grown, I have been able to focus my career in different ways keeping me interested and engaged in my work. I enjoy talking to people, and learning about their lives, hearing their stories, and helping them make sense of, and come to terms with the ailments, stresses, discomforts, conflicts, and disabilities they face in their daily lives. I am a big picture person and also enjoy helping to make systems work better. I love being involved in medical education because I believe the physicians I help train today will carry on the traditions and philosophy of holistic patient centered-care that is central to family medicine.
Personal Facts: I play the guitar and sing and have written many songs over the years. Some of them are actually good. I enjoy downhill skiing in Vermont in the winter with my family, and cycling, golf, walking and playing basketball in the driveway with my youngest son (the one still at home) in the other seasons.




Jeremy Golding, MD
Clinical Professor of Family Medicine and Community Health
Family Medicine Quality Officer
Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, MD, 1987
Family Medicine Residency (1990) and Fellowship (1991); Highland Hospital and University of Rochester
Areas of Interest and Research:  Evidence-Based Medicine, Adolescent Medicine, Women's Health, Computers and Electronic Technology in Medicine, Electrocardiography, Dermatology, Office Surgical Procedures
About Hahnemann: Keeping my teaching current, exciting, and learner-centered is my greatest professional challenge. It is also what I love most about my job. Having been in the private practice of Family Medicine and Emergency Medicine for 10 years before coming to UMass, I feel well-equipped to teach in the Inpatient and Outpatient settings.
As a medical writer and editor (The 5 Minute Clinical Consult (Lippincott/Wolters Kluwer Health)), I am continually reading and reviewing evidence-based medicine. Many of our residents have chosen to write with me, gaining valuable writing experience. All of our residents come with diverse interests and needs, and they are well-supported by an equally diverse, intelligent, creative, and compassionate faculty committed to resident education.


Molly Rivest, DNP, FNP
Family Nurse Practitioner, Hahnemann Family Health Center
Assistant Professor, Graduate School or Nursing, UMass Worcester
Smith College, 2007
UMass Worcester GSN, 2015
Areas of Interest and Research: Implementing team-based care and group visits to address adolescent sexual education and preventative strategies & childhood obesity
Hometown: Southampton, MA
About Hahnemann: Hahnemann is a great place to be a learner or a patient! We have on-site behavioral health and access to these services every day through our collaborative behavioral health model. Our staff is very engaged at every level and we are committed to quality improvement for patients and staff.
Why Family Medicine? I am interested in providing care to the entire family with an open-minded approach, including all dimensions that impact health.
Personal Facts: I worked as a physicist in the U.S. Air Force.




Christine Purington, MD
Assistant Professor
Tufts University 
Tufts University School of Medicine, 1986
UMass - Hahnemann Family Health Center, 1989
Areas of Interest and Research: Adolescent Medicine, College Health, International Health
Hometown: Rutland, the geographic center of Massachusetts!
About Hahnemann: Mixing teaching with clinical practices at the college health centers and Hahnemann is invigorating and challenging. The medical students and residents are resourceful, and bring such strengths into the program. Watching learners mature over time is so rewarding!
Why Family Medicine? I enjoy Family Medicine as it incorporates the strength from relationships into the science of medicine. It is so gratifying to have attained the expertise to aid patients through their milestones in life.
Personal Facts: Prior to medical school, I worked as a chemical engineer for private and public organizations. Now I love to travel and learn from the world!




Christine (Tina) Runyan, PhD
Clinical Associate Professor
Associate Director of Behavioral Science
Director of Post-doctoral Fellowship in Clinical Health Psychology
University of Maryland, 1992
Virginia Tech, 1998
Areas of Interest and Research: Health behavior change, Trauma and PTSD in primary care, training psychologists to work in primary care, training residents to work in collaborative care teams
Hometown: Ellicott City, MD
Personal Facts: Being a mom, trail running, and yoga are my passions outside of work. 


Amanda Vitko, MD
Assistant Professor
Residency: UMass Worcester Family Medicine Residency
Tulane University School of Medicine
Wesleyan Univeristy

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