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Faculty in the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health have published hundreds of articles over the years. Listed below (alphabetically by faculty member name) are the most recent publications (from the previous 12 months), and those recently accepted for publication.

Heather Alker, ML Want, L Pbert, N Thorsen and SC Lemon. Impact of School Staff on Work Productivity in Secondary Schools in MassachusettsJ School Health 2015;85(6):398-404.

Jeff Baxter, Robin Clark, M Samnaliev, G Aweh and E O'Connell. Adherence to Buprenorphine Treatment Guidelines in a Medicaid Program. Subst Abuse 2015;36(2):174-182.

Sandy Blount. Unrounding the Corners of Collaborative Family Healthcare. Families, Systems, & Health 2015;33:102-103.

Nathan Cardoos. Overtraining Syndrome. Current Sports Medicine Reports, 2015.

Stephanie Carter-Henry and Jeremy Golding. Common Skin Cancers.  Book chapter in Taylor's Manual of Family Medicine, 2015.

MA Paterson, M Fair, Suzanne Cashman, C Evans and D Garr. Achieving the Triple Aim: A Curriculum Framework for Health Professions Education. Am J Prev Med 2015;49(2):294-296.

Suzanne Cashman and Boby Gottlieb.  Service-Learning with Health Professions Students.  Book chapter in Evidence-based Education Promoting Best Practice in Teaching and Learning of Health Professional Students.  (Eds. Brown T and Williams B), Radcliffe Publishers, UK, 2015.

Sara Valente, Dan Wemple, Sebastian Ramos, Suzanne Cashman and Judy Savageau. Preventive Behaviors and Knowledge of Tick Borne Illnesses: Results from an Endemic Area. J Pub Hlth Mngt and Practice 2015;21(3):e16-e23.

William Fisher, Robin Clark, Jeff Baxter, Bruce Barton, Elizabeth O'Connell and Gideon Aweh. Co-Occuring Risk Factors for Arrest Among Persons with Opioid Abuse and Dependence: Implications for Developing Interventions to Limit Criminal Justice Involvement. J Subst Abuse Treat 2014;47(3):197-201.

Robin Clark and Karen Clements. Not Paying for Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infections: More Difficult than it Seems?  Medical Care 2014;52(6):479-481.

KT Mueser, GR Bond, SM Essock, Robin Clark, E Carpenter-Song, RE Drake and R Wolfe. The Effects of Supported Employment in Latino Consumers with Severe Mental Illness. Psychiatr Rehbail J 2014;37(2):113-122.

EA Latimer, A Naidu, EE Moodie, Robin Clark, AK Malla, R Tamblyn and W Wynant. Variation in Long-Term Antipsychotic Polypharmacy and High-Dose Prescribing Across Physicians and Hospitals. Psychaitr Serv 2014;65(10):1210-1217.

Robin Clark, Jeff Baxter, Bruce Barton, Gideon Aweh, Elizabeth O'Connell and William Fisher. The Impact of Prior Authorization on Buprenorphine Dose, Relapse Rates, and Cost for Massachusetts Medicaid Beneficiaries with Opioid Dependence. Health Srv Res 2014;49(6):1964-1979.

D Lang, Linda Cragin, D Raymond and S Kane. In a Neighborhood Near You: How Community Health Workers Help People Obtain Health Insurance and Primary Care. J Health Care Poor Underserved 2014;2(1):lviii-lxiii.

M Morganstern, Joe DiFranza, Bob Wellman, JD Sargent, R Hanewinkel. Relationships Between Early Symptoms of Alcohol Craving and Binge Drinking 2.5 Years Later. Drug Alcohol Depend 2016, published online.

Joe DiFranza. A 2015 Update on the Natural History and Diagnosis of Nicotine Addiction. Curr Pediatri Rev 2015 - epub ahead of print.

W Huang, K Tam, J Fernando, M Hefferman, JA King and Joe DiFranza. Nicotine and Resting-State Functional Connectivity: Effects of Intermittent Doses. Nicotine Tob Res 2015 - epub ahead of print.

JP Winickoff, L Hartman, ML Chen, M Gottlieb, E Nabi-Burza and Joe DiFranza. Retail Impact of Raising Tobacco Sales Age to 21 Years. AJPH 2014;104(11):e18-e21.

J O'Loughlin, EN Dugas, J Brunet, Joe DiFranza et al. Cohort Profile: The Nicotine Dependence in Teens (NDIT) Study. Int J Epidemiol 2014 - epub ahead of print.

JW Huang, JA King, WWW Ursprung, S Zhang, DN Kennedy, D Ziedonis and Joe DiFranza. The Development and Expression of Physical Nicotine Dependence Cooresponds to Structural and Functional Alterations to the Anterior Cingulate-Precuneus Pathway.  Brain Behav 2014;4(3):408-417.

R Scragg, Joe DiFranza, B Youdan, M Laugesen and M Glover. Ethnicity and Socioeconomic Status as Risk Factors for Rapid Onset of Tobacco Addiction. Aust NZ J Public Health 2014;38(2):194-195.

Warren Ferguson et al. A Call to Action: A Blueprint for Academic Health Sciences in the Era of Mass Incarceration. J Health Care Poor Underserved 2016;27:5-17.

R Trestman, Warren Ferguson and J Dickert. Behind Bars: The Compelling Case for Academic Health Centers Partnering with Correctional Facilities. Acad Med 2015;90(1):16-19.

Warren Ferguson et al. Relationship Between Self-assessed and Tested Non-English-language Proficiency Among Primary Care Providers. Medical Care 2014;52(5):435-8.

Eric Garcia
and Warren Ferguson. General Medical Disorders with Psychiatric Implications. Book Chapter: Oxford Textbook on Correctional Psychiatry, 2015.

Jeremy Golding. Power of Knowledge: Effect of Two Educational Interventions on Readiness for Chlamydia Screening. Clinical Pediatrics, 2015 - epub ahead of print

Lisa Gussak. A New Way of Hearing. Family Medicine 2015;47(4):315-316.

DS Shepard, Deborah Gurewich, AK Lwin, GA Reed and MM Silverman. Suicide and Suicidal Attempts in the United States: Costs and Policy Implications. Suicide Life Threat Behav 2015, in press.

 J Hale, Heather-Lyn Haley, JL Jones, A Brennan and A Brewer. Academic Correctional Health Partnerships: Preparing the Correctional Health Workforce for the Changing Landscape: Focus Group Research Results. J Correct Health Care 2015;21(1):70-81.

JS Weissman, K Westirch, Lee Hargraves, SD Pearson, R Dubois, S Emond and OA Olufajo. Translating Comparative Effectiveness Research into Medicaid Payment Policy: Views from Medical and Pharmacy Directors. J Comp Eff Res 2015;4(2):79-88.

L Biener and Lee Hargraves. A Longitudinal Study of Electronic Cigarette Use Among a Population-based Sample of Adult Smokers: Association with Smoking Cessation and Motivation to Quit. Nicotine Rob Res 2015;17(2):127-133.

KM Drake, Lee Hargraves, S Loyd, PM Gallagher and PD Cleary. The Effect of Response Scale, Administration Mode, and Format on Responses to the CAHPS Clinician and Group Survey. Health Serv Res 2014;49(4):1387-1399.

Len Levin et al. Enhancing Participation in Depression Care in Outpatient Perinatal Care Settings; A Systematic Review. Obstet Gynecol 2015;126(5):1048-58. 

Wen-Chieh Lin, M Bharel, J Zhang, E O’Connell and Robin Clark. Frequent Emergency Department Visits and Hospitalizations among Homeless People with Medicaid: Implications for Medicaid Expansion. AJPH 2015;105 Suppl 5:S716-722. 

JP McCormack, Steve Martin and DH Newman. Management of Hyperglycemia in Type 2 Diabetes, 2015: A Patient-centered Approach. Diabetes Care 2015;38:140-149.

Steve Martin and Christine Sinsky. The Map is Not the Territory: Medical Records and 21st Century Practice. Lancet (online publication: http://www.the

Steve Martin, SH Podolsky and JA Greene. Overdiagnosis and Overtreatment Over Time. Diagnosis, 2015 - epub ahead of print.

Steve Martin, EA Frutiger. Vision Stations: Addressing Corrective Vision Needs with Low-cost Technologies. Glob Adv Heal Med 2015;4(2):46-51.

JG Clarke, Steve Martin, RA Martin, LA Stein, JJ van den Berg, DR Parker, AR McGovern, MB Roberts and BC Bock. Changes in Smoking-related Symptoms During Enforced Abstinence of Incarceraton. J Health Care for the Poor and Underserved 2015;26(1):106-118.

Steve Martin and Marcy Boucher.  Mild Hyptertension in People at Low RiskBMJ (Clinical Research Ed.) 349"g5432.pdf (

Monika Mitra, Linda Long-Belil, SC Smeltzer and LI Iezzoni. A Perinatal Health Framework for Women with Physical Disabilities. Disability and Health Journal 2015;8:499-506.

Monika Mitra, K Clements, J Zhang, LI Iezzoni, SC Smeltzer and Linda Long-Belil.Maternal Characteristics, Pregnancy Complications, and Adverse Birth Outcomes Among Women with Disabilities. Medical Care 2015;53(12):1027-1032.

S Parish, Monika Mitra, E Son, Alexandra Bonardi, P Swoboda and L Igdalsky. Pregnancy Outcomes Among U.S. Women with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. Am J on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities 2015;120(5):433-443.

Monica Mitra, S Parish, KM Clements, C Xiaohui and D Hafsatou.  Pregnancy Outcomes Among Women with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. Am J Prev Med 2015;48(3):300-308.

Monica Mitra, and V Mouradian. Intimate Partner Violence in the Relationships of Men with Disabilties in the US: Relative Prevalence and Health Correlates. Journal of Interpersonal Violence 2014;29(17):3150-3166.

Monika Mitra, L Iezzoni, J Zhang, Linda Long-Bellil, SC Smeltzer and BA Barton. Prevalence and Risk Factors for Postpartum Depression Symptoms Among Women with Disabilities. Matern Child Health J 2015;19(2):362-372.

Dan Mullin, L Forsberg, Judy Savageau and Barry Saver. Challenges in Developing Primary Care Physicians’ Motivational Interviewing Skills. Families, Systems and Health 2015;33(4):330-338.

Rocco Perla, Samuel Hohmann and Karen Annis. Whole-Patient Measure of Safety: Using Administrative Data to Assess Probability of Highly Undersirable Events During Hospitalization. Journal for Healthcare Quality 2014;35(5):20-31.

E Besen, AE Young and Glenn Pransky. Exploring the Relationship between Age and Tenure with Length of Disability. Am J Ind Med 2015 - epub ahead of print.

A Jetha, Glenn Pransky and LJ Hettinger. Capturing Complexity in Work Disability Research: Application of System Dynamics Modeling Methodolgy. Disabil Rehabil 2015 - epub ahead of print.

R Wilkie, EM Hay, P Croft and Glenn Pransky. Exploring How Pain Leads to Productivity Loss in Primary Care Consulters for Osteoarthritis: A Prospective Cohort Study. PloS One 2015;19(4):e0120042.

R Wilkie, C Phillipson, EM Hay and Glenn Pransky. Anticipated Significant Work Limitation in Primary Care Consulters with Osteoarthritis: A Prospective Cohort Study. BMJ Open 2014;4(9):e005221.

B Webster, Y Choi, AZ Bauer, M Cifuentes and Glenn PranskyThe Cascasde of Medical Services and Associated Longitudinal Costs due to Nonadherent Magnetic Resonance Imaging for Low Back Pain. Spine 2014;39(17):1433-1440.

E Besen and Glenn Pransky. Trajectories of Productivity Loss over a 20-Year Period: An Analysis of the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth. Scand J Work Environ Health 2014;40(4):380-389.

RW McGorry, N Fallentin, JH Andersen, PJ Keir, TB Hansen, Glenn Pransky and JH Lin. Effect of Grip Type, Wrist Motion, and Resistance Level on Pressures within the Carpal Tunnel of Normal Wrists. J Orthop Res 2014;32(4):524-530.

R Wilkie, C Phillipson, E Hay and Glenn Pransky. Frequency and Predictors of Premature Work Loss in Primary Care Consulters for Osteoarthritis: Prospective Cohort Study. Rheumatology 2014;53(3):459-464.

T Pincus, P Kent, G Bronfort, P Loisel, Glenn Pransky and J Hartvigsen. Twenty-Five Years with the Biopsychococial Model of Low Back Pain: Is it Time to Celebrate? A Report from the Twelfth International Forum for Primary Care Research on Low Back Pain. Spine 2014;38(24):2118-2123.

Tina Runyan and Khatri P. Collaborative Family Healthcare Association Commentary on the Joint Principles: Integrating Behavioral Health Care into the Patient-Centered Medical Home. Family Systems and Health 2014:32(2):145-146.

Judy Savageau, Warren Ferguson and L Sefton.  The Academic and Health Policy Conference on Correctional Health: Evaluation of its Academic and Scientific ImpactHealth and Justice 2015:3:17.

Barry Saver. Preoperative Testing in Patients Undergoing Cataract Surgery. NEJM 2015;373:285-286.

Barry Saver. A Piece of My Mind: Should C be a Passing Grade for the USPSTF? JAMA 2015;313(5):465-466.

Barry Saver. Colonoscopy - Don't Want to be Sedated. JAMA Intern Med 2014;174(3):482-483.

Barry Saver, Kathy Mazor, Lee Hargraves and Marcela Hayes. Inaccurate Risk Perceptions and Individualized Risk Estimates by Patients with Type 2 Diabetes. J Am Board of Family Medicine 2014;27(4):510-519.

A Attard, RW Brander and Bill Shaw. Rescues Conducted by Surfers on Australian Beaches. Accid Anal Prev 2015 - epub ahead of print.

V Johnston, K Way, MH Long, M Wyatt, L Gibson and Bill Shaw. Supervisor Competencies for Supporting Return to Work: A Mixed-Methods Study. J Occup Rehabil 2015;25(1):3-17.

E Besen, AE Young and Bill Shaw.Returning to Work Following Low Back Pain: Towards a Model of Individual Psychosocial Factors. J Occup Rehabil 2015;25(1):25-37.

Bill Shaw, VL Kristman, K Williams-Whitt, S Soklaridis, YH Huang, P Cote and P Loisel. The Job Accommodation Scale (JAS): Psychometric Evaluation of a New Measure of Employer Support for Temporary Job Modifications. J Occup Rahabil 2014;24(4):755-765.

TH Tveito, G Sembajwe, LI Boden, JT Dennerlein, GR Wagner, C Kenwood, AM Stoddard, SE Reme, K Hopcia, D Hashimoto, Bill Shaw and G Sorensen. Impact of Organizational Policies and Practices on Workplace Injuries in a Hospital Setting. J Occup Environ Med 2014;56(8):802-808.

R Carstens, Bill Shaw, K Boersma, SE Reme, Glenn Pransky and SJ Linton. When the Wind Goes Out of the Sail - Declining Recovery Expectations in the First Weeks of Back Pain. Eur J Pain 2014;18(2):269-278.

Bill Shaw, E Besen, Glenn Pransky, CR Boot, MK Nicholas, RK McLellan and TH Tveito. Manage at Work: A Randomized, Controlled Trial of a Self-Management Group Intervention to Overcome Workplace Challenges Associated with Chronic Physical Health Conditions. BMC Public Health 2014;14:515.

SE Reme, Bill Shaw, LL Boden, TH Tveito, ET O'Day, JT Dennerlein and G Sorensen. Worker Assessments of Organizatonal Practices and Psychosocial Work Environment are Associaed with Musculoskeletal Injuries in Hospital Patient Care Workers. Am J Ind Med 2014;57(7):810-818.

CJ Main, J Mitchel and Bill Shaw. Return to Work in Musculoskeletel Disorders. In IZ Schultz & R Gatchel (Eds.) Handbook of Return-to-Work: From Research to Practice. New York: Springer, 2014, In press.

VL Kristman, Bill Shaw and K Whitt-Williams. Supervisors' Perspectives on Work Accommodations for the Chronically Ill. In SD Stone, V Crooks & M Owens (Eds.) Working Bodies: Chronic Illness in the Canadian Workplace 2014, in press.

Hugh Silk. Emphasizing Oral Health Services in Children with Downs Syndrome. Am Fam Physician 2015;92(1):8.

Hugh Silk.  Diseases of the Mouth. Primary Care: Clinics in Office Practice 2014;4(1):75-90.

EM Sikoglu, AA Liso Navarro, SM Czerniak, J McCafferty, J Eisenstock, Herb Stevenson, JA King, CM Moore. Effects of Recent Concussion on Brain Bioenergetics: A Phosphorus-31 Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Study. Cogn Behav Neurol 2015;28(4):181-187.

Herb Steveson, CS Beattie, JB Schwartz and BD Busconi. Assessing the Effectiveness of Neuromuscular Training Programs in Reducing the Incidence of Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries in Female Athletes: A Systematic Review. Am J Sports Medicine 2015;43(2):482-490.

Herb Stevenson et al. A Resting State Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study of Concussions in Collegiate Athletes. Brain Imaging Behav 2015;9(2):323-332.

Stefan Topolski and J Sturmberg. For Every Complex Problem, There is an Answer that is Clear, Simple and Wrong: And Other Aphorisms About Medical Statistical Fallacies. J Eval Clin Pract 2014;20(6):1017-1025.

Stefan Topolski. Validation of a Non-Linear Model of Health. J Eval in Clin Pract 2014;20(6):1026-35.

Stefan Topolski. For Every Complex Problem, There is an Answer that is Clear, Simple and Wrong - and Other Aphorisms about Medical Statistical Fallacies. J Eval in Clin Pract 2014;20(6):1017-25.

Carole Upshur, Linda Weinreb, M Bharel, G Reed and C Frisard. A Randomized Control Trial of a Chronic Care Intervention for Homeless Women with Alcohol Use Problems. J Subst Abuse Treat 2015;51:19-29.

Carole Upshur, Linda Weinreb and M. Bharel. Homeless Women and Hazardous Drinking: Screening Results in a Primary Care Setting. Am J Addict 2014;23:117-122.

Carole Upshur, Linda Weinreb, DM Cheng, TW Kim, JH Samet, and R Saitz. Does Experiencing Homelessness Affect Women's Motivation to Change Alcohol or Drug Use? Am J Addict 2014;23(1):76-83.

Olga Valdman et al. Coalicion de Salud Comunitaria (COSACO): Using a Healthy Community Partnership Framework to Integrate Short-term Global Health Experiences. Globalization and Health 2016;12:15.

Meghan Veno (UMMS MS-II), Hugh Silk, Judy Savageau and Kate Sullivan. Evaluating One Strategy for Including Reflection in Medical Education and Practice. Family Medicine 2016;48(4):300-304.

DI Swedler, Santosh Verma, Y Huang, DA Lombardi, WR Chang, MJ Brennan and TK Courtney. A Structural Equation Modelling Approach Examining the Pathways Between Safety Climate, Behavior Performance and Workplace Slipping. Occup Environ Med 2015;72(7):476-481.

Santosh Verma, Z Zhao, TK Courtney, WR Chang, DA Lombardi, YH Huang, MJ Brennan and MJ Perry. Duration of Slip-resistant Shoe Usage and the Rate of Slipping in Limited-service Restaurants: Results from a Prospective and Crossover Study. Ergonomics 2014;57(12):1919-1926.

AJ Caban-Martinez, TK Courtney, WR Chang, DA Lombardi, YH Huang, MJ Brennan, MJ Perry and Santosh Verma. Preventing Slips and Falls Through Leisure-time Physical Activity: Findings from a Study of Limited-service Restaurants. PLoS One 2014;9(10):e110248.

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M Bharel, ER Santiago, SN Forgione, CK Leon and Linda Weinreb. Elimating Health Disparities: Innovative Methods to Improve Cervical Cancer Screening in a Medically Underserved Population. AJPH 2015;105(Suppl 3):S438-S442.

E Whittenberg, M Bharel, A Saada, E Santiago, JF Bridges and Linda Weinreb. Measuring the Preferences of Homeless Women for Cervical Cancer Screening Interventions: Development of a Best-Worst Scaling Survey. Patient 2015 - epub ahead of print.

KM Mattocks, S Frayne, CS Phibbs, EM Yano, L Zephyrin, H Shryock, S Haskell, J Katon, JC Sullivan, Linda Weinreb, C Ulbricht and LA Bastian. Five-Year Trends in Women Veterans' Use of VA Maternity Benefits, 2008-2012. Women's Health Issues 2014;24(1):e37-e42.

Linda Weinreb, Nancy Byatt, Tiffany Moore Simas, Karen Tenner, and Judy Savageau. What Happens to Mental Health Treatment During Pregnancy? Women's Experience with Prescribing Providers. Psychiatric Quarterly 2014;85(3):349-355.

Bob Wellman and Jennifer O’Loughlin. E-cigarettes: Addressing Gaps in Knowledge. Int J Public Health 2016;61(2):149-150.

J O’Loughlin, Bob Wellman, L Potvin. Whither the E-cigarette? Int J Public Health 2016;61(2):147-148.

Bob Wellman et al. Relationships Between Current and Past Binge Drinking and Systolic Blood Pressure in Young Adults. J Adolesc Health 2016;58(3):352-357.

Bob Wellman, Joe DiFranza, J O’Loughlin. Confirmatory Factor Analysis of the Autonomy over Tobacco Scale. Addictive Behaviors 2015;50:217-221.

Bob Wellman and J O'Loughlin. Data Dilemmas and Difficult Decisions: On Dealing with Inconsistencies in Self-Reports. J Adolescent Health 2015;56:365.366.

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Mark Ryan, Jonathan Yoder, Sharon Flores, Jason Soh, Allison Vanderbilt. Using Health Information Technology to Reach Patients in Underserved Communities: A Pilot Study to Help Close the Gap with Health Disparities Gap. Global Journal of Health Sciences 2016;8(6):epub ahead of print.




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