MPH Student Research Projects

A Master of Public Health (MPH) degree is offered at the University of Massachusetts Medical School - through the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health. The degree is granted through and accredited by the School of Public Health and Health Sciences at UMass in Amherst. The courses are taught in Worcester by faculty from both campuses. The MPH Program curriculum is designed to enable health care professionals to earn a degree while engaged in professional activities. Listed below are several of the MPH projects completed by MPH students over the past two years. Many of these students are mentored by departmental faculty.

Tiffany Colacchio, MPH
Drugs: From Phases to Pharmacies

Michael Costa, MPH
Released HIV-positive Prisoners' Retention and Clinical Outcomes in Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Services

M. Christine David, DO, MPH
Predictors of Weight Loss Goals in a Cohort of Post-Partum Women

Jessica Desrosiers, MPH
The Medical Home Model: Strategies for Improved Implementation Utilizing Disease Management Service

Stephen Haynes, MPH
Does Paramedic Rapid Sequence Intubation Practice Change with Experience?

Chungying Li, MD, MPH
Comparison of Body Mass Index and Bioelectrical Impedance in the Association with Blood Pressure in Teen Girls: Results from the NGHS Study

Theodore McDade, MD, MPH
Regionalization of Pancreatic Cancer Surgery to Higher Volume Centers: Disparities in Who Benefits

Alyson Porter, MD, MPH
Prenatal counseling disparities in Massachusetts (2007-2009)

Angela Shepard, MD, MPH
Improving the Quality of Quality Improvement: Assessing the Quality Improvement Curriculum at UMass Medical School

Jordan White, MD, MPH
Successful, Accessible Global Health in Interdisciplinary Medical Education

The following is a select list of current MPH research projects:

Laurent Benedetti, MD
The Value of Quality Improvement

Adam Darnobid, MD 
Airway Intervention and Management for Prehospital Care

Shirin Hadaddy, MD
Natural History of Benign Thyroid Nodules: Designing a Safe and Efficient Follow-up Plan

Sarah Hilding, MD
Convenience Store Robberies, Risk Factors, and Opportunities for Intervention to Improve Occupational Health and Safety

Rose Mauro
Development of an Internal-Based Medication Use Methodology to Assist in the Development of Four Clinical Proposals for the MassHealth Drug Utilization Program

Dan Mullin, PsyD
Evaluation of an Intensive Motivational Interviewing Course for Healthcare Providers

Brian Wexler, MD
Disaster Response and People Experiencing Homelessness: Addressing Challenges of a Population with Limited Resources

Rothsovann Yong, MD
Facial Recognition Study