Clinical Decision Unit


Robert McCarron, MD - Director

The CDU (Clinical Decision Unit) opened for business in the ED in Jan., 2008.  It is a 9 Bed unit adjacent to the North Pod of the ED staffed primarily by mid-levels (Nurse Practitioners and PAs).  It is, as are all such units, protocol-driven with currently 14 different diagnosis-specific protocols.  We see however, as would be expected, predominantly low and intermediate risk chest pain patients who constitute approximately 2/3 of our volume.  

May our compassion with patients, our affection and respect for one another and our curiosity for the many ambiguities that medicine forever presents sustain us. I hope that these few comments encourage everyone to relish the “full catastrophe” (as a laughing Zorba called it) that life in all its wondrous splendor can offer.

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