Medical School Second-Year Class Shows have a long history in academic medicine and serve a social function that enhances class cohesiveness and improves morale. The show represents the last shared effort before students move on to clinical studies and two years of rotating clerkships. It is honored as a time for the class to bond, have fun and release tension. As this tradition is maintained at UMMS, the following guidelines for producing Class Shows have been developed to protect personal, professional and institutional reputations.

• Remember that all Equal Employment Opportunity laws are applicable — spoofing that can be experienced as harassment, discrimination, or culturally insensitive is not permissible. If you are uncertain whether or not a skit or parody could be considered in this category, please consult with the DEOO office.
• UMMS is a large diverse community committed to a civil, respectful and humane workplace. Use good judgment in portrayals of individuals.
• Remember that the civil laws on defamation, slander, and libel still apply to the content of these “shows”, and the persons potentially liable under these causes of action are the “student-players.”
• Remember that intentions do not mitigate a negative impact. Even if your intent is to be humorous and the impact is not received favorably, the action or words would be deemed offensive. Implicit consent is inferred in cases where a faculty or student agrees to participate in a skit or be videotaped. In cases where a faculty member or student will be parodied, please obtain their permission to do so before incorporating their likeness into the show.
• You are a member of the UMass community performing on University property in front of video cameras. Remember that footage can be easily distributed. Performances should not negatively impact the brand and reputation of the institution. In addition, those taking part in these “shows” are advised that footage of same may later be reproduced in forums not of your choosing, which could someday adversely impact your reputation.
• You may not use official Medical School logos as part of the production. While the Medical School is aware these “shows” are staged, the School, itself, plays no role in same and it neither authorizes nor oversees their content. 

 Class Show Guidelines