Diabetes in Medical Education

Treatments for diabetes and its complications are continue to evolve, therefore educational approaches must also evolve. Since 1995, major treatment advances have brought forth new classes of drugs and “designer” insulin preparations to treat diabetes. There are currently over ten different classes of drugs used to treat diabetes, with multiple members in each class. Surgical approaches such as islet cell and pancreatic transplantation, as well as weight loss surgery are now commonly used in patients with diabetes. Advances in applied technology such as better and smaller insulin pumps, and devices which continuously monitor blood sugar levels are revolutionizing the everyday management of diabetes. This allows for a lot of choice, but also makes decision making more complex.

Our Center of Excellence in Diabetes and our Diabetes Division are committed to innovative and effective medical care, beginning with the education and training of our medical staff. We are dedicated to the comprehensive training of certified diabetes educators, dieticians, nurses, nurse practitioners, and physicians, as well as medical students, residents and fellows. Our goal is to have a knowledgeable medical team that will tailor management to the individual’s needs and interests, in order to provide the best possible care for diabetes.

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