Hudson Hoagland Society

The Hudson Hoagland Society (HHS) is the leadership giving group of individuals who support biomedical research at the University of Massachusetts Medical School with cumulative gifts of $500 or more to our Annual Research Fund within a fiscal year (July to June). HHS honored longtime Worcester Foundation for Biomedical Research board member and benefactor Warner S. Fletcher at the 29th annual meeting on May 13, 2014. View slideshow below or read more.

Hudson Hoagland Society Membership Levels:

Founder $10,000 or more
Partner $5,000 to $9,999
Patron $2,500 to $4,999
Benefactor $1,000 to $2,499
Friend $500 to $999

HHS Medal


The Hudson Hoagland Society was originally founded in 1985 to recognize major annual contributors to the Worcester Foundation for Biomedical Research. Named in honor of the Worcester Foundation's co-founder, the Society brings together individuals who share a commitment to advancing biomedical research. Founded in 1985 as an independent research institute by Drs. Hudson Hoagland and Gregory Pincus, the Worcester Foundation merged with the University of Massachusetts Medical School in 1997. Since the time of the merger with the Worcester Foundation, and in affiliation with the Hudson Hoagland Society, almost $4 million in innovation grants of up to $35,000 have been awarded to 129 researchers at the UMass Medical School.

HHS ScientistFunds raised through the Hudson Hoagland Society are now used to support the most promising and innovative research at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. These "seed" grants are awarded based on a competitive review process and allow a researcher to pursue new, innovative research for which he or she may not yet have funding. To learn more about grant recipients who have recently benefited from these funds, click here.

Philanthropy is as important to medical discovery as are the countless hours researchers spend in their labs. You can play a role in advancing toward a world free of disease.

Please consider annual enrollment to the Hudson Hoagland Society. You can make your gift conveniently through our secure online web page, you can mail your check, payable to UMMF, to the Development Office or contact us at 508-856-1994.


HHS 30th Annual Meeting

Tuesday, May 12, 2015
Albert Sherman Center
UMass Medical School
Worcester, Mass.

6 p.m. ~ Meeting will be followed by a cocktail reception


Marc R. Freeman, PhD
HHMI Investigator
Vice Chair and Professor of Neurobiology
2005 Worcester Foundation Grant recipient

Mary Munson, PhD
Associate Professor of Biochemistry & Molecular Pharmacology
Bassick Family Foundation Award – Inaugural Recipient