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The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Allies (LGBTA) Committee supports LGBTA faculty, staff and students in the University Community. The committee works to create a visible network of support and serves as a resource for the UMMS LGBT community.

The LGBTA committee provides in collaboration with the DEOO education related to Safe Space and Allies.  The educations are an opportunity for participants to become members of the University network of support and to assure that UMMS is a safe place for everyone.  In addition, the LGBTA committee regularly presents educational, cultural and social programs to support a community of inclusion.

The meaning of the letters LGBTA. L is Lesbian, females who who desire lifelong coupling with same gender. G is Gay, male who desire life long coupling with the same gender. B is Bisexual, a male or female who equally desire life long coupling with both genders. T is Transgender, a male or female who feel they were born the wrong gender and transition from the opposite gender. A is an ally or supporter, which is somone who may or may not identify as one of the other letters, but desire to be an advocte for them.

Important Links:

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