Oscar E. Starobin, MD

Oscar E. Starobin, MD, the inaugural recipient of the Chancellor’s Medal for Clinical Excellence and a highly regarded cardiologist in the Worcester area since before the University of Massachusetts Medical School was established, is professor of medicine, director of the Adult Congenital Heart Program and the Cardiac Fellows Clinic at the Medical School.

Dr. Starobin graduated from Harvard Medical School in 1954, where he was awarded the Henry A. Christian Award as the highest-ranking student. He then began what was to become a 59-year relationship with Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), first as an intern in medicine and next, as a resident in the cardiac department. Today he holds the position of clinical assistant in medicine at both MGH and Harvard Medical School.

With the appearance of the University of Massachusetts Medical School in Worcester, Dr. Starobin offered to teach third-year medicine and was appointed interim chief of cardiology at the Medical School and chief of cardiology at Memorial Hospital, all on a volunteer basis. Over the course of his career, he served as chief of cardiology at every major hospital in Worcester.

Since those early days, this tireless, dedicated, beloved and highly respected clinician-educator has amassed a remarkable record of clinical and educational service to our institution. Dr. Starobin has been recognized by the Medical School with numerous awards, including the Lamar Soutter Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Medical Education, Teacher of the Year and numerous Outstanding Medical Educator awards. In 2010, the Massachusetts Medical Society affirmed what UMass faculty and students had already acknowledged and honored him with the Grant V. Rodkey, MD Award, which recognizes physicians who have made significant contributions to medical students, both in the hospital and in organized medicine.

Among the medical societies in which he holds membership are the Massachusetts Heart Association (President 1968-1969), the New England Cardiovascular Society (President 1968-1969), the Paul Dudley White Society and the Worcester District Medical Society.

Dr. Starobin is also a renowned wildlife and landscape photographer. His photographs have long adorned the halls of the Department of Medicine at UMass Medical School.