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Medical School Building vending machines now in the Albert Sherman Center!

AS4.2016  Life Technologies Invitrogen (same key - if your lab needs one call X62541)
AS5.2016  NEBnow (registration required - register at the machine or by sending an email to; to view product selection)
AS6.2016  Qiagen (same key - same as Invitrogen key - if your lab needs one call X62541)
AS7.2016  Roche RPS (registration instructions, ordering instructions)
AS8.2016  BioRad Now available!
AS9.2016  Promega Helix (for registration and a Helix card contact the Promega representative Caron Winslow at

Fetal Bovine Serum $88 deal through TCEFS!

Sigma USDA FBS (cat. no. F-0926) 1 x 500 ml bottle - $88; Invitrogen USDA approved (cat. no. 10437028) 1 x 500 ml bottle - $88.  In stock, no shipping charges!

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Tissue Culture Products

TCEFS will be closed for the holidays from December 23rd - 27th and January 1st.  Please be sure to place your orders early for the holidays (special orders by Thursday, December 19th).  Thanks, and have a happy holiday!

FAX (508-856-3190) or email orders (

Questions?  Call TCEFS at 508-856-1745.

Need restriction enzymes, DNA/RNA purification kits, PCR reagents, or related products? Head over to the Enzyme Freezer Supply site.

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