Did you lose weight after pregnancy?

If you were able to lose your pregnancy weight within 6 months, you are invited to take part in a research study. In a telephone call, we will ask you to tell your story about weight loss after pregnancy. Some women will be asked to complete another interview in person that will be videotaped. The interviews will take about 2 hours and will be held at UMass Medical School in Worcester. We will use the videotapes to make short videos that will be used in weight control group meetings and in other ways, possibly on the internet. People who see the videos may know you and recognize your face and your voice. There is no other known risk to being part of this study. There is no benefit to you directly. If you think it would be unsafe for you or your family if you were recognized in the video, you may wish to not take part in this research study. Compensation is provided. For more information, contact Heather-Lyn Haley at 774-441-6366.