Academic Publications

Evaluation of intravenous voriconazole in patients with compromised renal function, Craig M Lilly, Verna L Welch, Thomas Mayer, Paul Ranauro, Joanne Meisner and David R Luke

Transitions, Risks, and Actions in Coronary Events—Center for Outcomes Research and Education (TRACE-CORE), Design and Rationale, Molly E. Waring, PhD. Richard H. McManus, MPP, MSW, Jane S. Saczynski, PhD, Milena D. Anatchkova, PhD, David S. McManus, MD, MS, Randolph S. Devereaux, PhD, MSHP, Robert J. Goldberg, PhD, Jeoan J allison, MD, MS, Catarina I. Kiefe, MD, PhD and for the TRACE-CORE Investigators 

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